wedding details

Remember when I said I'd try to do better taking pictures at the wedding than I had at the shower? I failed.

The bride was beautiful. The wedding was beautiful. I loved everything about it - the colors, the reception venue, the ice cream (yay Seneca Farms!) instead of cake. Plus it was so much fun! I've declared it my favorite wedding to date. I am pretty sure I noticed each and every DIY detail April had accomplished, though I didn't manage to capture pictures of them all. April is my DIY hero. I wish she lived closer so we could craft together. =)

From the wreaths on the doors at the church

to the napkins she chopped and serged from bolts of fabric

to the thank you jars of homemade strawberry jam

to those yarn balls you can kind of see beside the candles

to the map with two red hearts (and more yarn balls)

to the burlap table runners and the pillows for the bride and groom

to the ice cream signs (pay no attention to the groomsmen watching a football game on the iphone)

to the paper garland on the head table

to centerpieces involving my favorite flower

to the scrap book guestbook and wedding photos of their parents and grandparents

to all the other things I didn't capture on my camera - programs, table number labels on bottles, table assignment jars - because having a baby strapped to me really inhibits my photo-taking ability.

I also have no photos of people besides a few during the ceremony

and this one of all the cousins (plus spouses and offspring, minus Lauren, Keiper, and Lydia).

Once the photo booth photos are posted, I should have a better cousins photo to share . . .

Hooray Adam & April that you are finally married (after immigration, and multiple wedding date postponements)!!!