eight maids a milking . . .

There is a little section at the fair that Lydia was too young for last year. This year, she was prepped and ready to visit the "Farmer for a Day" exhibit. We visited the cows first - since the exhibit wasn't open yet - where we ran into Lydia the cow.

We ran into another cow being milked, and Lydia must have been paying more attention than we realized.

Back at the Farmer for the Day exhibit, Lydia was a little slow to start at the cow milking station.

But soon enough she was a pro.

Or maybe she just wanted to play with the water?

After collecting some eggs from the chickens, she went back to the cow and milked it again.

Not too bad for a little city girl.


  1. I guess she still clings to some of her roots. At least we got her dancing.

  2. this is just adorable! she's such a big girl now! :)


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