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identifying with the scarecrow

Long story short: the button on my phone broke. Apple replaced my phone under the lovely Apple Care plan, so now I have a new phone that has nothing of mine on it. I can't sync it with my computer yet because my computer's operating system is too old to handle it. It's as if I've lost a huge part of my brain, especially the app that tracks Heidi's eating and sleeping. I don't have enough free space in my brain to remember those details without the help of that app. I am also unable to fulfill Lydia's requests for "music." So while I wait for the solution (an updated operating system so that I can sync the phone with my outdated computer),  I have no contacts on my phone. So if you call or text me, and I ask, "who is this?" I mean no offense.

If I only had a brain . . .

Although, it is somewhat _ something (sad, pathetic, ?) how lost I feel without my phone. This could be good for me. =) (So long as I can still figure out when to feed Hei…

frames on the wall (finally)

We moved into our place in August of 2009. As of September 18, 2011, the big, blank, empty wall in the living room was finally displaying the project I had in mind for it since we moved in. It was not even complicated, but I managed to leave it uncompleted for over two years.

Because my friends know me so well (and thankfully love me just the same), Rebekah and Leah gifted me the frames when they visited in June. Hooray! Now I just needed prints to fill them. To motivate me to choose the prints, one weekend this summer (I honestly forget if it was July or August), Aaron and I hung the frames. Then they sat empty for a month or so while I attempted to assemble an appropriate arrangement.

My camera lens is not wide enough to capture the entire wall because our house is so narrow, so you'll have to come visit to see it in person. This is a pretend "before" that I took when we took the empty frames down to put in the pictures.

Aaron started taking the empty frames down befor…

Heidi visits the zoo

It's already Thursday, and I haven't posted since Monday? Oops. Apologies, friends.

On Monday, we went to the Philadelphia Zoo for the first time since Heidi was born. Aaron took Lydia when Heidi was first born, but this was Heidi's first trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. (She made her first zoo trip to the Cape May Zoo while we were at the beach.) Heidi stayed awake long enough to meet the Big Cats.

Hello, lazy lion.

Ooo, a puma.

Heidi missed the giraffes (as she was asleep in the ERGO), but Lydia watched them for at least ten minutes.

Lydia walked the entire time, refusing my numerous offers to hop in the stroller. I should have taken a picture of me wearing one baby, walking behind a toddler, and pushing an empty double stroller around the zoo. Oh well. At least it carried our bags for us. =)

The zoo is awesome in the fall. The weather is gorgeous. There are no field trips (as compared to the spring), so the place is rather empty and quiet. Plus, with all that walking, Ly…


Lydia and Heidi hanging out on the floor post nap.

Slugs & Bugs kickstarter

I've told you about Slugs & Bugs multiple times on here, I think. (Here, here, and here at least.) It's my favorite kids music, and Lydia's, too. "Music," she requests multiple times a day and squeals as it starts to play. Some she even requests by name: "Tractor Tractor," "Toes" (Piggy Little Toes), "Jesus Loves Me." We have the original album, Slugs, Bugs & Lullabies. Last year, we added the newly released A Slugs & Bugs Christmas. This year, assuming they gain enough support, there will be Slugs & Bugs Under Where? (I think that's the title, anyway. I can't relocate the blog post or facebook status that told me so.) Also, if you are reading this on the blog and not in your reader, you should see the little widget to the right regarding the new project. Here's a silly video from Randall Goodgame about it.

I am pretty pumped about the "Where You Gonna Go" song, hoping it might help in our potty …

rolling over: in photos

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Mama captured my new rolling skill in action. First I have to get my arms and legs moving before I hurl myself to the side.

Once I am on my belly, I assume what Mama calls my skydiving position.

You can see it better from this angle.

And then I yell because I don't know how to roll from my belly to my back yet. (I routinely do this in the middle of the night.) Or I lie down and wish I could crawl over to play with Lydia.

But when I get upset, Mama thinks I look like my sister. Except I bite my lower lip and she puckers hers.

I'll let you know when I figure how to roll over to my back.

silly faces


reading (or not)

I need to make time to read. Let me further qualify that statement. I need to make time to read books, not blogs and emails and children's books and Philadelphia Magazine. I have a growing repertoire of memorized books - The Cat in the Hat, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?Goodnight Moon. I also have a growing wish list on Amazon but nothing in my hands at the moment. This is my current list in order of preference.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp
To Dance With God: Family Ritual and Community Celebration by Gertrud Mueller Nelson
Interrupted: An Adventure in Relearning the Essentials of Faith by Jen Hatmaker
Ragman: And Other Cries of Faith by Walter Wangerin, Jr.

So I will ask you, oh dear blog reader of mine, what book(s) should I be reading?


guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

At the lake, Uncle Derek helped me with some boxing moves.



Uppercut. Hook.

Phew, boxing is exhausting.

 I think I'll take a break with my sister and my cousin.

mani pedi again!

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Remember when Aunt Rachel gave me a mani pedi? I got another one last weekend.

I like pink.

Sometimes I had to show her which nails were still left. "This one."

I love Aunt Rachel.

P. S. Vulture.

rolling over

We interrupt the Keuka Lake Labor Day photos with some breaking news: Heidi-bear is rolling over. Not from her tummy to her back. No, she skipped right to rolling from her back to her belly. However, I have yet to witness the actual roll with my camera.

This morning when we went to get the girls from their cribs, Heidi was lying on her belly, though I had placed her on her back about three hours prior.

When I was getting Lydia dressed, I placed Heidi on the floor - on her back. I looked down again, and Heidi was on her belly.

When we came home from the pediatrician for Heidi's well check, I put Heidi on the floor - on her back - while I carried the stroller inside. When I got back inside, she was on her belly.

You get the idea.

Modern Family is coming on in two minutes, so I have to cut this short. I love that show and how much I laugh - like a good deep belly laugh - during it.

But since I know why people really visit my blog, here you go. =)

tractor. corn.

Up at the lake, Lydia enjoyed the tractor.

So did Heidi.


After playing on the tractor, it was time to shuck the corn for dinner.

Lydia is very helpful; she removes every hair off an ear of corn, one hair at a time.

Heidi helped out, too.

This corn was delicious. Yum.

early mornings

We spent the holiday weekend at Keuka Lake. Mornings come early with little people, so we go down by the water so as not to disturb the not-so-early-risers.

Nonna is the only person allowed in the cabin in the morning (since the rest of us are too noisy), so she makes us all breakfast which we eat down by the water. (Yes, she's amazing for slaving away in the kitchen every morning for her hungry offspring.)

I take advantage of the early hours by capturing some photos in the warm, buttery light.

Harley Davidson tent

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

I was still awake when we visited Daddy's favorite tent at the fair.

Daddy said I was drooling over the bike. Mama just giggled.

Mama thought it was fun to look at Lydia last year to this year

Maybe next year he'll let me drive it!