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sheep and rabbits

guest blogger: Heidi

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Mama showed me this post from last year about Lydia's introduction to the Harford State Fair. This year there are more pictures of Lydia and the animals than me and the animals because I slept through most of the animal exhibits. I woke up in time to see the sheep . . .

. . . and the rabbits.

Oh, and Pop-Pop showed me the bees where I got this sticker (even though I can't have honey yet).

Next year I should be able to make animals noises for them like Lydia does!


guest blogger: Lydia

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Last year I wasn't old enough for a s'more. This year I am. Pop-Pop and I watched Daddy build the fire.

Fire is hot. Do not touch it.

I roasted a marshmallow with Daddy.

Nana had all the essentials for s'mores ready for me.

My first bite.

Messy and delicious!


This past weekend - despite Hurricane Irene - we traveled to Aaron's grandparent's place in the mountains for the annual state fair. Irene cut our trip short (we came home Saturday midday instead of Saturday night), but we still enjoyed an escape from the city. En route, we visited Cabela's. While Aaron made some purchases for the upcoming hunting season, I took the girls around the store to admire the animals.

In the words of Lydia, "Elephant. Big."

"Zebras. Crocodiles. Snap. Snap." (Yes, the crocodile is eating another animal. It is a hunting store, after all.)



She could have stared at the fish all day. Though, I guess they were the only live animals in the store . . .

When Aaron was done, we took him on a tour to visit the animals again. This is what you see upon entering the store. (Somehow no one else was in this frame besides Aaron and Lydia.)

Grrr again.

Roaring with the lions.

I guess all that roaring woke u…

Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Aaron's cousin got married the other weekend. We were already at the beach, so we took the ferry from New Jersey to Delaware. The girls were pretty tired after a busy week.

It sure beat a long car ride. I think our car even enjoyed the ride across the water.

I didn't manage to take any pictures at the actual wedding ceremony, but I snapped this one at the reception of our girls with their Pop-Pop and Nana.


guest blogger: Lydia

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Big Guy and I built a fort.

Sorry, Mama. No mamas allowed.

why are you so mean to me?

This book was in a basket at our beach rental, and Lydia loved it.

The rest of us enjoyed the title.


guest blogger: Heidi

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There is always a lot going on when Mama's family is around. Uncle Ryan was trying to take my picture and send it to Aunt Lauren.

But Keiper kept climbing on him.

And Lydia kept using the phone.

Then Lydia wanted to put me in the Moby Wrap. I'm thankful someone convinced her the stuffed puppy was a better option.

sharing with Keipee

guest blogger: Lydia

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I love my cousin, Keiper. I call him Keipee. Keipee is silly. Look at him drinking from my cup.

Here, Keipee. This one is my cup.

This one is your cup.

Keipee, I think those are my Cheerios.

Oh well. At least I have my juice back.

ice cream

I think they liked it.

swinging at the beach . . . with Keiper

We went to the swings again, this time with Keiper (and Big Guy and Uncle Ryan).