five . . . in photos

"The power to love derives purely and solely from the knowledge that one is already loved." - in a sermon by Joel Walker (one of our pastors in Nashville at Midtown Fellowship)

I've tried a couple times to write something in relation to that statement, but I'll just let the sentence speak for itself and move on. =)

When planning our simple (but awesome) honeymoon, we thought to ourselves, "Maybe for our five year anniversary we'll do a fun trip." Here we are at five years! Hooray! And now we find ourselves saying, "Maybe for our ten year anniversary . . . " (or whenever the youngest little person in our lives isn't breastfeeding).

I love living life with you, Aaron! You are the best: husband, friend, father of my little ladies. Happy Anniversary! I wanted to put a video up of Lydia saying "five," but she wouldn't cooperate for the camera. I'll get it eventually.

Here's a little photo walk through the past five years. (Maybe if you're lucky, I'll hang out with the scanner someday for some photos from the five-and-a-half years we spent dating.)

Married (July 2006).

Nashville (July 2006).

Still newlyweds (May 2007).

One year plus a couple months (September 2007).

Second anniversary (July 2008). (In Philadelphia.)

Fenwick Island (August 2008).

Visiting some favorites in Colorado (January 2009).

Ice climbing (January 2009).

Law school graduation (May 2009).

Moving from Nashville to Philadelphia (July 2009).

Fenwick Island (August 2009).

Lydia Kate (November 2009).

Christmas (December 2009).

Easter (March 2010).

Harford Fair (August 2010).

Keuka Lake (September 2010).

Philadelphia (October 2010).

Halloween (October 2010).

Lydia's first birthday (November 2010).

Christmas (December 2010).

Heidi Eva (May 2011).

Keuka Lake (July 2011).

(This photo journey has shown me that Aaron and I rarely/never take photos of just the two of us anymore, even on our anniversary. Also, there are a ton of photos of Aaron and child(ren), some of me and child(ren) but next to none of all of us. I will work on improving these gaps in my photo library from here on out.)


  1. So sweet. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Five years have gone by so quickly and there have been wonderful blessings. (Lydia and Heidi are just two of them.)

  3. Happy Anniversary! :) Your wedding picture of you two laughing is due to my funny toast, i am 99.9% sure. Okay, that is all!


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