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morning report

My college friend, Matty T, popped in for a visit this week. Lydia wouldn't say his name to his face, but she finally said it when he was leaving and then about twenty times after he left.

In it's-a-small-world news, my (met-her-since-moving-to-Philadelphia) friend, Monica, went to high school with Matty T - including as his date to a dance in eleventh grade. So Monica and her little guys came by Thursday morning to see Matty T, too.

Lydia reports about her morning with Brennan, Kuyper, and Matty T. She wouldn't count to five, but she chimes in for the finale (as she attempts to prepare her Moby wrap for babywearing).

five . . . in photos

"The power to love derives purely and solely from the knowledge that one is already loved." - in a sermon by Joel Walker (one of our pastors in Nashville at Midtown Fellowship)

I've tried a couple times to write something in relation to that statement, but I'll just let the sentence speak for itself and move on. =)

When planning our simple (but awesome) honeymoon, we thought to ourselves, "Maybe for our five year anniversary we'll do a fun trip." Here we are at five years! Hooray! And now we find ourselves saying, "Maybe for our ten year anniversary . . . " (or whenever the youngest little person in our lives isn't breastfeeding).

I love living life with you, Aaron! You are the best: husband, friend, father of my little ladies. Happy Anniversary! I wanted to put a video up of Lydia saying "five," but she wouldn't cooperate for the camera. I'll get it eventually.

Here's a little photo walk through the past five years. …

the little ladies



Lydia loves to play with the water flowing from the faucet.

"Mama, why are you taking pictures of my feet?"

Because I cannot handle the cuteness of you standing on your tiptoes.

two months

As of last Friday, Heidi is already two-months-old.

I know, Heidi. I can't believe it either.

Remember when Lydia was only two-months-old? It's rather fascinating to me how Lydia and Heidi resemble one another. Heidi's hair is lighter than Lydia's was, but check out the similarities in their facial structures.

I love how each girl looks so unique, but I also love to see how they look like sisters.


The four of us will be sweating at the ballpark today.


My cousin, Nicole, has a puppy, Layla. We met Layla at the lake over the Fourth of July. As Lydia loves dogs, she quickly enjoyed Layla.

For someone who doesn't have a dog, Lydia is quite comfortable with her.

another guest blogger

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Lydia told me this (guest blogging) is fun to do, so here I am.

On Saturday, we went to a bridal shower for one of Daddy's cousins. I fell asleep right when we got there, but I woke up when dinner came out. After I ate, I hung out with my Uncle Jon and some cousins.

I gave them lots of smiles and gurgles.

Then I got the hiccups. I don't like the hiccups.

Between my silly sister and me, we attracted quite a crowd.


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

I love to swing. Love, love, love it. Big Guy and Nonna hung a swing from the tree in their yard.

It swings kind of crooked, but I do not mind.

Heidi is too little for the swing yet, but she is okay with it.


Remember when I stalked Lydia's eyelashes with my camera? I'm finding myself repeating with Heidi. I've been wondering if she'll have these stellar lashes like Lydia.

I think Heidi's doubled in length over the past week. Here is the best picture I can find of her eyelashes "before." This was about two weeks ago. (I swore I took a more intentional one, but I think it was blurry and thus was deleted.)

Just last Friday.

And just for kicks, check this out.

That's me seven years ago mini golfing with my college buddies. (Seriously, seven years ago?!) Notice the silhouette of my eyelashes. My friend who took the picture passed it along to me after noting them. Aaron and my brother, Derek, compare my eyelashes to Mr. Snuffleupagus (which they articulate with sound effects and hand motions).

Maybe both my girls will be in the Mr. Snuffleupagus club with me . . . with their beautiful blue eyes they got from their daddy. =)