tree climbing

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

While the rest of my family attended a wedding, I stayed with my Pop-Pop and Nana. Since Mama had the camera with her, I have no pictures to document the event for this post, but I had so much fun.

On Monday, Mama came to get me to play with my cousin, Keiper for the day. He was napping when I got there, so I colored with chalk with Uncle Derek while Nonna held sleeping Heidi.

Uncle Derek disappeared into the tree, and I had to go find him.

He came down and helped me climb the tree, too.

Then Keiper woke up from his nap. I was excited to see him (and Uncle Ryan).

We climbed the tree together, with some help from Uncle Derek and Aunt Rachel.

My aunts and uncles and cousin are so much fun! I just saw them again this past Sunday, but Mama tells me she is behind in her blogging. So I'll have to tell you about that later.