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a blog vacation

Two of my favorite Nashvillians - Rebekah and Leah - came for a visit and to meet our newest family member. They came on Wednesday and left on Sunday (after an I-95 traffic fiasco and a winding line at the Southwest counter ruined their Saturday departure). I'd show you pictures from their visit, but my computer needs some attention. I cannot even upload photos right now because my disk is so cluttered. I haven't been going through my pictures and deleting them after I back them up. I'm behind a whole year. So the blog is going on vacation while I make room for more photos. Going through the pictures will take time, but blogging takes time, too. But blogging requires pictures, so I really need to clean out the pictures in order to keep blogging. It may take me a week. It may take me a month. I promise to be back before August, but I'm hoping to be back sooner. Until then, I will miss you, blog. Enjoy your vacation. =)

one month

Heidi is one-month-old today and is already wearing 3-6 month clothing. To be clear on this significance for me, Lydia was just getting out of newborn sizes at one month.

Where did my little newborn go?

tree climbing

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

While the rest of my family attended a wedding, I stayed with my Pop-Pop and Nana. Since Mama had the camera with her, I have no pictures to document the event for this post, but I had so much fun.

On Monday, Mama came to get me to play with my cousin, Keiper for the day. He was napping when I got there, so I colored with chalk with Uncle Derek while Nonna held sleeping Heidi.

Uncle Derek disappeared into the tree, and I had to go find him.

He came down and helped me climb the tree, too.

Then Keiper woke up from his nap. I was excited to see him (and Uncle Ryan).

We climbed the tree together, with some help from Uncle Derek and Aunt Rachel.

My aunts and uncles and cousin are so much fun! I just saw them again this past Sunday, but Mama tells me she is behind in her blogging. So I'll have to tell you about that later.

a wedding

It's amazing how next-to-impossible it is for me to find time to sit down at the computer. Of note, it is household nap time at one, which is when I used to be productive. Now, I sleep, which is productive in its own way because without it, I cannot function. If you saw me yesterday circa four o'clock or later, you can attest to this fact as I missed my nap. Thus, the blog is still lacking. As I figure this mom-of-two thing out, I'll get better at updating here, I think. I hope. So back to the weekend before last . . .

My cousin, Wayne, married a girl named Jill.

My cousins were all there. False. My dad's youngest brother lives in Georgia and has five kids. The oldest is in college and the youngest is in elementary school, and none of them were able to attend. The nine of us in the three other families were in attendance. Plus some spouses but missing two. Ryan and Britt were flying solo. We couldn't find all necessary people for one photo, but somehow we managed a…

breakfast and a swing

It was a busy weekend for us, but I still haven't even posted about the weekend before last which was Aaron's last weekend home with us before returning to work. Here I go.

On Saturday morning, we went out for breakfast.

This was the $5 kids portion. Lydia dug right in.

Heidi likes to flop her head back when she sleeps and had fallen out of the side of the wrap. She's so silly.

Then we went to Target for a baby swing. Lydia helped Aaron put it together.

Heidi tested it out with Lydia hanging out nearby.

Our living room floor space is rapidly disappearing.

Memorial Day weekend: Monday

Here are some favorite photos from Monday.

Swinging at the neighbor's.

Swimming champion, Keiper.

Great-Mom-Mom snuggling Heidi.

Grandparents and grandbabies.

Memorial Day weekend: Sunday

My blogging has been pathetic, so we'll skip the mumbo-jumbo and just move on to pictures. On Memorial Day weekend, we spent Sunday with Aaron's family and Monday with my family. Here are some favorite photos from Sunday.

Heidi meeting her Great-Great-Grammy. She's where Heidi got her middle name.

Trying to send an email from the play computer.

Lydia was pretty shy around her Pop-Pop . . . until Great-Pop-Pop showed up. Then Pop-Pop was suddenly safe, and he didn't mind the extra snuggles one bit.

I want to enlarge this and hang it somewhere in my house.

Bedtime story time with Pop-Pop and Daddy.

mani pedi

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

On Memorial Day, it was very hot. At one point, I sat in the shade with Aunt Rachel while she painted my nails.

I watched very closely.

And I sat very still.

I love my Aunt Rachel! Oops, I closed my eyes.

Then I forgot to smile.

Next time we'll get a better picture together, Aunt Rachel. Thanks again for my mani pedi; I'm still wearing it!


I am slowly wading through pictures over here. I have plenty of blog material, but the time to do so is not so abundant. I'm trying nonetheless.

Lydia was born right before winter, and Heidi is here right before summer. If their seasonal clothing didn't give it away, it might be trickier to know who is who in pictures.


This is the first time I’ve booted up my computer since Saturday. Yes, I can check my email on my phone, so I’m not completely disconnected. But it’s not really possible to journal when typing with my thumbs nor can I write fast enough with a pen and paper. It’s already June, and I’m just now sitting to process my thoughts from May 22nd. Aaron took Lydia to the zoo this morning, so it’s just Heidi and me relaxing on the couch. See?

So, this isn’t Heidi’s birth story. Maybe I’ll get around to that by July . . . but it is some thoughts on the after-birth story.
Without sharing every detail (and quite possibly boring you all to tears), Heidi and Lydia were unable to meet each other until we brought Heidi home with us last Tuesday. Heidi spent her time in the hospital in the Intensive Care Nursery (ICN) instead of at the bedside with her mama. No one under five-years-old is allowed in the ICN, so Lydia’s visits to the hospital were to see me, not Heidi. For almost three days, I never saw my…