baby gender expert?

My cousin, Brittany, whom I haven't seen in way way way too long (I believe since Lydia was a newborn), is the lone contender remaining for predicting (guessing) the baby's arrival. She says girl. Guess we'll see if she guessed correctly by the time tomorrow comes. Also, she was one of the few who insisted Lydia was a girl my entire pregnancy. She even provided me a receipt as proof that she had purchased this outfit before Lydia's birth. (It took Lydia a few more weeks/months to grow into it. I think she was less than two-weeks-old in this picture.)

Even if Britt misses the date, I wonder if she'll be two for two on gender picks. So many unknowns . . . but I think the anticipation is exciting. (Remind me I said that if I'm still pregnant on May 30th. =)


  1. As it has been a few days since the last post are we to assume the big day has arrived?


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