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I love these little cloth diapered newborn bottoms.

Remember Lydia's?

The diaper bottoms are cute, but, I'm sorry, what's this?

I cannot handle the cuteness.

meeting Heidi

Heidi was very busy meeting her family at the beginning of the week.



Lydia, the big sister.



Big Guy.


Aunt Rachel.

Uncle Derek.

Uncle Ryan.

Keiper, the only cousin.

Our stoop was the place to be on Tuesday afternoon, even in the sweltering heat.

hello, Heidi!

Baby gender expert Brittany is two for two. Heidi is here (as of Sunday), and we came home yesterday.

The past few days have been a whirlwind, but we are home now, settling down into life as a family of four.

My three favorite people.

baby gender expert?

My cousin, Brittany, whom I haven't seen in way way way too long (I believe since Lydia was a newborn), is the lone contender remaining for predicting (guessing) the baby's arrival. She says girl. Guess we'll see if she guessed correctly by the time tomorrow comes. Also, she was one of the few who insisted Lydia was a girl my entire pregnancy. She even provided me a receipt as proof that she had purchased this outfit before Lydia's birth. (It took Lydia a few more weeks/months to grow into it. I think she was less than two-weeks-old in this picture.)

Even if Britt misses the date, I wonder if she'll be two for two on gender picks. So many unknowns . . . but I think the anticipation is exciting. (Remind me I said that if I'm still pregnant on May 30th. =)


Stroller? Dump truck? Or both?

(Apologies for all the iphone photos recently. I haven't been lugging around my camera as frequently as I have it charged and ready for other events on the radar. =)

brown bag lunch

If we remember to ask if he needs one (which we usually forget), we pack Aaron's lunch for work the next day. Lydia bags the veggies.

She may or may not sample the goods before bagging.


Today is Thankful Tuesday over at mama:monk, so I'm joining in the thankfulness.

- My baby is (still) growing inside of me. He/she is head down (unlike his/her sister) and providing me a rather boring and uneventful pregnancy, medically speaking. As for the foot almost constantly protruding from my right abdomen, that must just be a weird sight to see from across the room.

- Lydia is snuggling more than usual. She giggles hysterically at simple things like spinning in circles, blowing bubbles, and reading familiar stories. This time with just her has been sweet.

- I talked to three dear friends from Nashville yesterday. I do not know how I found time to talk to three people on the telephone, but I did! Plus, I got to hear all about Leah's wedding.

- I wore yoga shorts and knee-high white compression stockings around my house yesterday. When Lydia wanted to go outside to chase cats, blow bubbles, and draw with sidewalk chalk, I didn't change. I think I saw every single neig…

a long walk

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

I walked a lot this weekend. First, I checked on my neighbor's cat in the window.

Then I walked to a stoop sale on a nearby block. (We don't have yard sales in the city because we don't have yards. We have stoops.)

There were lots of dogs and cats on that block, but they weren't for sale. We tried to visit the park to go on the swings, but no one had unlocked the gate. So we just kept walking.

Mama tells me this humidity is good to my hair.

We walked through the Italian Market Festival. I saw baby chicks and ducks. Peep peep peep! Quack quack quack!

We went all the way down to the playground across from Geno's. I went on the swings for awhile, but then Daddy and Mama saw their friend in his garden across the field. We walked over there to see him. I chased the birds. The birds kept running, so I kept chasing.

See how far I chased the birds? But then I kept tripping in the grass, so I didn't try to get back up. Mama came to come get me…

festival, bazaar, wedding

This weekend is the Italian Market Festival. I have already moved the car and have no plans to drive it since most of the roads around us will be blocked off. (Plus, I'd lose my parking space and have to drive to who knows where to find another one. And, if you are concerned, I can totally walk the four blocks to the hospital or call a cab if it's the middle of the night if I were to go into labor.) Unfortunately, the weather doesn't look so promising for a "dry" event with much rain in the forecast after a beautifully sunny week. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for a pulled pork sandwich and a cannoli from Termini Bros (because theirs are the best). If I happen to be in labor or admitted to the hospital, I've already informed Aaron that he will need to bring me these items as soon as possible once the baby is born. (Priorities, right?)

Last year, I forgot about all the drool I wiped off my chin during the festival. Good thing I reread that post to remind me to…

meow meow

Hmm, blogger seems to have deleted my post from yesterday. Strange. I've never had such a thing happen. (Apologies to those of you using a reader who saw it again when I reposted it just now.)

There is a stray cat on our street who meows her little heart out every morning around six forty-five. (I think I discovered why, too: someone at the other end of the block is feeding her milk.) This morning, Lydia stood on the couch and meowed right back to her. (Then a dog started barking, and Lydia barked.)

When we headed out for our midwife appointment, the cat was still meowing down the street, as Lydia points out.

under twenty

Somewhere in the next 19 days, there will be one of these nestled on my belly instead of wriggling inside my belly.

It's hard to believe Lydia was this little only eighteen months ago. Getting more and more excited to meet the little person who has been growing inside me since late last summer. Crazy.


Lydia's space on my chest/belly is being disrupted as my abdomen becomes more torpedo-like.


I wish I had the energy to articulate more of my thoughts right now. Fortunately, mama:monk put up some great thoughts on her blog today that I found encouraging.
I am still pregnant. I am okay with that despite the increasing physical discomforts, reminding myself that the baby is currently fed, clean, and not crying in my belly and that I slept all night (minus some bathroom visits). But I wrestle mentally with wanting to have this baby sooner than later so that I don't have to give any thought to all the stuff I'll have to think about if I go past forty weeks. That's where I find anxiety and worry creeping into my head and my heart. In that, I struggle to turn those fears and worries over to the Lord, failing to trust that Jesus meets me in my deepest need. As was pointed out in the sermon I heard on Sunday, he does not rescue me from suffering but goes with me through suffering. I should hardly consider the nonsense in my head "suffering," but fortunately, the…


Lydia was the photographer on duty yesterday during our Mother's Day brunch. I haven't uploaded the photos yet, but when I do, I'll show you her work, assuming she grants me permission.

Last year, I ran the Race for the Cure 5K with Lydia in the stroller. This year, I walked (waddled?) to/from church (with a pit-stop for brunch): (2.6 miles) and to/from the park (0.8 mile). No running this year. Maybe next year. Or maybe I'll run the Broad Street Run next year. Ten miles? I hate running more than five miles at a time, but maybe  I'll at least think about it. =)


Lydia likes to email Aaron. Or Lydia just likes to touch the computer. This must be how she sees me using the computer: typing then mouse-clicking then typing some more.

The letter "D" is her favorite letter and currently the only one she consistently identifies: in the tub with her yellow foam D; in the kitchen with her green magnet D; on the keyboard; in a big sign at a store, like the D in Old Navy.

due date?

On Tuesday night, while assembling and sewing our Jesse Tree ornaments the ladies made some bets. Since I couldn't find paper on the first floor (there's plenty on the third floor), they used the white board on the fridge. I took a picture in case it were to get erased in error. Leah is already out. Ashley is pulling for her birthday (which is Sunday), and Jenna's isn't on the board: Saturday May 7th 11am, boy 7# 5oz.

Anyone else want to make a guess? If it helps, I am 38 weeks today, so my due date is May 20th. Due dates mean nothing to me, but my midwives will not let me go past May 31st based on my measurements and the previous trauma (c-section) to my uterus. Of course, what happens if you just don't show up for a scheduled procedure? I've always wondered, though I don't want to be the one to test out that question. Hopefully, there will be a baby long before then.

What do you think?

Monica's birthday brunch

Sunday was Monica's birthday. Since the Broad Street Run throws a wrench into local Philadelphia traveling, our church service was bumped from 9:30 to 4. I walked with Aaron and Lydia to watch the beginning of the race, and Lydia was getting pretty good at cheering as the number of runners passing by grew. I wasn't there by the time the large masses came through as I left to meet up with the ladies for a birthday brunch.

We met at the Famous Fourth Street Delicatessen where portion sizes are out of control. Good thing Leah and Lisa knew this to help us in our ordering.

Jenna is holding up one piece of the challah french toast (which tasted like funnel cake!), and please note the huge pile of home fries in front of Katharine.

This was the bacon and cheese omelet set before me. (Did they use an entire dozen eggs to make that thing?)

There was plenty to share.

Then Monica had to pick out her birthday dessert.

That slice of cheesecake fed all six of us easily.

Group shot post-brunc…


My friend, Anna, has a plot in the neighborhood garden at South & Broad and invited us to a picnic there on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day for a picnic, and it was so great to plod around a large patch of green, even if we were right along South Street with everyone walking by staring in at us. (Now I have a sense of what the zoo animals feel like.) Anna is a little behind on her garden, so I joined her in the pre-planting weeding. Since my backyard is a brick patio, I often covet the weeding and gardening my friends with yards enjoy. I think of how much gardening I could accomplish in a backyard during nap time. *sigh* But as they say, "the grass is always greener." (Especially when I don't even have any grass to compare. =)

Here are my weeding buddies, Lily and Brennan.

 Here we are in the cage garden.

A photo of the adult ladies.

PIFA street fair

On Saturday, Broad Street (from Chestnut to Lombard) hosted the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) street fair, the finale to the nearly month-long PIFA. It started at eleven, so we thought we'd check it out earlier than later to avoid the masses. (Good thing we did as friends who ventured out later in the day reported being nearly unable to move.)

Lydia checked out the children's garden.

Lydia loves elephants, but she did not like the mascot elephant from the National Constitution Center. (Don't worry; there was a donkey, too. Both political parties were represented.) After the tears from meeting the elephant, we didn't even try with the donkey.

This "statue" was impressive. During her performance, which I only saw from a distance, there was water spraying from her hands like a real statue. (See her on the back of the cart?)

I like to call this picture, "Philadelphia." A SEPTA (SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)…