playground reopened

The Smith Playground reopened last week (as it's closed November through March), so last Saturday, we went when it opened at ten o'clock in the morning in an attempt to beat the crowds. They really waxed the giant wood slide in the off-season because that thing was faster than last year!

Lydia was busy at the playground. Driving the fire truck.

Riding a motorcycle.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Exploring the maze.

Hurdling steps without bumping her head.

Riding an elephant . . .

. . . while making elephant noises, of course.

We frequent this playground every Tuesday with others from our network of churches in the city, so we will see which activities become Lydia's favorite over the next few months.


  1. I learned in my reproduction class today that pregnant women should avoid activities that put them at risk for falls (not applicable) or abdominal injury (applicable). Since this isn't intuitive, and I had to be taught in a lecture, you should reconsider going down that slide. Just kidding.

  2. for real. but really, walking up and down narrow stairs while carrying a squirmy almost 17-month-old is a risk for falls, too. and there is just no way getting around that. just call me a risk-taker, walking on the wild side . . . or not =P


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