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Wednesday and Thursday felt like humid, sticky August around these parts. Fortunately today is beautiful and spring-like. While my pregnant feet didn't particularly enjoy the humidity, Lydia's hair loves it.

I wonder if it will stay curly like my sister's or turn into random waves (that don't curl) like mine. I'll have to check back on the baby pictures and share them with you sometime.


Let's explore some of the junk in my heart because I need to speak the truth of God's grace and joy into some dark places. And, quite frankly, I am failing to speak this truth to myself. My husband is a gift to me when he prays God's joy into my life, and I am so thankful for him and the humble unity praying together brings to our marriage.

- Aaron told me yesterday that one of the colleagues in his practice group is leaving. In his office, his practice group has five attorneys. Now it will have four. This will be an extra stress and burden on Aaron as each of the remaining attorneys assumes the leaving colleague's work. My selfish heart is annoyed - okay, angry - that this colleague is leaving right when our baby is due. Couldn't she have waited until June? =) Aaron is supposed to be home with us for a few weeks, not assuming more work. I am so thankful that Aaron has a job that more than supports us, but I was so looking forward to having him around when the baby…


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Yesterday, we went to the zoo. We saw the giraffes in the "African Plains" exhibit. It think it was hot enough that it felt like I was on an African plain.

I took this picture all by myself.

I saw this, too, but I forget what it was.

I love the zoo. I hope we go again soon.


Yesterday, we hosted Easter dinner with my family (minus my one brother and his wife and son). There was much fun to be had. Easter egg hunting (with a new pink cup).

Easter egg decorating . . .

. . . or just coloring.

Reading with Big Guy. (While wearing glasses like Big Guy.)

Decorating the sidewalk with Big Guy and Aunt Rachel.

Nonna and Uncle Derek were there, too, but I guess their crutches somehow kept them out of the photos. Oh wait, here they are.

(Just so you don't feel weird that you're headless, Mom and Derek, here's Aaron and I (and the baby) prepping the asparagus. We're headless, too.)


I wanted to post some of the crucifixion story from the Jesus Storybook Bible, but it was in Lydia's room during her nap. I wasn't about to trek in there and risk waking her up. Now, Aaron is reading from it as he puts Lydia to bed, so it is still unavailable to me. Instead, I will link you to this awesome post over at the Rabbit Room.


I am so thankful for my helpful little person. I can only hope Lydia is so eager to help in about a month when there are two little people living here.

Jesse Tree update

Remember the Jesse Tree I wanted to have done by Christmas? I finished the ornaments last night. I would show them all to you, but sometimes they go on walks with the other girls. (Does anyone have the saw? =) So here's a sampling of the ones I photographed two months or so ago. I'll do a more thorough post sometime later.

Except the globe and the ladder, they are all made from felt. (The lion's mane is yarn.) I've thought about scanning the patterns and posting them here with some brief instructions for you to make them yourself (since a few people asked about that when I introduced the project to my blog back in January). No picture tutorials, just some brief words. Don't expect that anytime soon. I'm still working on getting the house ready for the baby. =)

The goal is to have the ornaments done before my baby comes. Being that I will be 36 weeks (full-term) on Friday, and I have now completed all the "sample/template" ornaments, the girls at least…

early Easter

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with Aaron's family. Unfortunately, the weather was cold and wet. We moved Lydia's Easter egg hunt indoors and made a quick trip to the farm before the rain came.

Lydia has been doing Easter egg hunts all week. I had bought some plastic eggs last year on clearance. I brought them out two weeks ago to see what Lydia would think of them; she loves them. We do at least three egg hunts every day: in the living room or the kitchen or outside. They are on her shelf in an egg carton and are the first toy she grabs every morning. Needless to say, she was ready for the hunt at Pop-Pop and Nana's house. (Unfortunately, my camera settings and I were not as ready, so apologies for the blurry photos.)

Down at the farm, Lydia met the calf.

Then she directed Pop-Pop all around the barn with her finger-pointing.

Chickens, cats, pigs, cows. So much fun.

Sometimes their noises were a little startling (notice the hand grip).

We headed back inside to warm up,…

lacrosse game

Last Thursday, Lydia and I spent a lot of time in the car. We ventured far away from the city to watch a lacrosse game of my sister. Last year, we went to her away games that were close to our home. This year, her game schedule didn't offer us much in the local options. So on Thursday, with a beautiful weather forecast, we set out for central Pennsylvania to watch Rachel and her team take on (and defeat) their local rival.

I took our stroller and a variety of toys to keep Lydia entertained during the game. The assistant coach's daughters also found the toys entertaining.

The four-year-old even tried out my camera and captured this shot of Lydia (among one hundred other photos).

My whole family (minus Aaron) was there, plus my cousin, Nicole.

It was a close game.

After the game, Aunt Rachel came over to greet her fans. I think the littlest ones are her favorites.

Yay, Aunt Rachel! Sorry we only made it to one game this season. Maybe some of your playoff games will be closer to …

favorite sweater

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

It's warm and sunny outside, but I really love this sweater.

Whenever Mama opens my drawer and I see this sweater, I squeal and try to put it on. Usually Mama convinces me to wear something else, but on Monday, she obliged my request. I was so pleased. Or maybe tickled pink.

Think it will still fit me next winter? I really really hope so!

crib love

Lydia loves to play in her crib. After her nap, she will beckon me in with her shrieks and squeals but will refuse to vacate the crib. Instead, I hand over her supply of toys in the basket beneath her crib, and she will play and play.

It's a very colorful mess - and contained in her crib.

Hello, cute baby toes.

Reading some Jesus Storybook Bible . . .

. . . and saying, "Daddy!"

Which actually sounds like, "Daaaaa!" but it's totally Lydia knowing Aaron's name. No doubt about it.

so sleepy

I did not sleep well last night. At all. Perhaps the worst night of sleep since Lydia was a newborn waking up every ninety minutes. (Fortunately, she did not do that often, but when she did, eesh.) I finally fell back to sleep around five-thirty only to wake up an hour later to the jibber-jabbering of a very awake Lydia (and to Aaron trying to wake me to warn me he was going to go bring Lydia into the bed while he showered). I am convinced the constant waking that happens to many pregnant ladies in the late stages of pregnancy is training for the onslaught of sleeplessness a newborn brings. I, personally, think extra sleep would be better training, but I guess that doesn't really make sense. I wouldn't train for a race by sitting, so I see that my logic is completely illogical. (But I still like it.)

I'd like to say more in this post and reflect on how the Lord gives me rest, but in my tiredness, I cannot think straight at the moment. So I'll refer you to this post I e…

a baby shower for me and baby

My sweet friends here in Philadelphia threw me a baby shower on Saturday at the beautiful home of my friend, Leah! And, be impressed, I didn't take one picture (except to check the exposure every once in awhile when Jenna was confused by the camera). Thank you, Jenna, for manning the camera!

Check out their lovely handiwork. I love hydrangeas. I think I would plant them all around my yard, if I had a yard.

I ate too much dessert. (Lauren, do you see all those strawberries calling your name?)

This berry lemonade was delicious. (Psst, Rebekah, Adrienne, Natalie, Deidre, Kristen, Kim, Curry: make it for Leah's bridal shower!) I think it was lemonade mixed with a bag of Trader Joe's frozen berries. I'll have to verify the recipe from Leah and then replicate it constantly this summer. Or make popsicles with it. Or at least alternate it with my always-in-the-refrigerator-over-the-summer-fruit-tea (from Tiffany via Kimberly: pineapple juice, orange juice, lemonade, and iced t…