fasnacht day

Yesterday was Fasnacht Day. Since I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania immersed in Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine thanks to my Amish and Mennonite neighbors, I know and enjoy things like funny cake, shoo fly pie, and fasnachts - things I didn't realize were so unique until places in my life didn't have them (i.e. Nashville, Tennessee). Because I live in Philadelphia, I thought for sure I'd be able to find some fasnachts rather easily. But when I called my born-in-Lancaster-county-friend-and-neighbor-Monica to ask, "where do I get fasnachts?" She said they were nowhere to be found.
"What about Reading Terminal Market where the Amish farmers bring in their goods?"
"The Amish don't come to Reading Terminal on Tuesdays. Only Wednesday through Saturday."
I hung up dejected. Then in the afternoon when Lydia's nap was lasting longer than usual, I googled for fasnachts again and found a current thread (posted earlier in the day) for fasnachts in Philadelphia - a mere three blocks from my front door at a German restaurant on South Street. I called them up to inquire, and they confirmed the presence of fasnachts on their menu - available in a half dozen or a dozen. I called up Monica and declared my discovery and invited her to join. With our kiddos packed in the strollers, we met up with Katharine (and her stroller) to indulge in fasnachts. Here we are at the bar with our strollers waiting for our fasnachts.

Lydia digging in to the bag.

Checking out the goods.

And sampling.

She ate two. I think she liked them.


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