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double fisting

guest blogger: Lydia
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Sometimes I just cannot decide which to drink.


Or juice?



Mama usually makes me pick just one, but sometimes I try to run away with both cups.

dear deidre

Deidre, this post is for you . . . well, and for anyone else expecting a baby who is interested in my two cents. (Disclaimer: Deidre asked for my two cents. I do not give such information unless asked. If you're not Deidre and you decide to read this, it was your decision to eavesdrop. I didn't force this information upon you. =)

Back in 2009, I mentioned this book, Baby Bargains. The new edition of the book - the 9th edition - is coming out at the end of this week. As I said in my post almost two years ago, if you're expecting a baby (especially if it's your first), I highly recommend this book, echoing the recommendation I received from my friend, mother of three. I'm sure the new edition will be even better. It's so helpful for wading through the over-abundance of baby gear out there, especially things that are more expensive like carseats and cribs and strollers. I've even grabbed our copy off the shelf a couple times recently as we have been researchin…

animal house

Lydia loves animals right now. She is rapidly building a repertoire of animal noises, so I checked out some animal books from the library.

Uncle Derek is home from India, and he makes some phenomenal animal noises (and facial expressions).

"Oink oink" and "bra-loooo" and "cluck cluck" are not acceptable when reading in my family. One must snort like a pig (or squeal like a piglet) or trumpet like an elephant or begowk like a chicken. My dad's noises were the best growing up, and I think all four of his kids now read with equally emphatic noises. So if you're ever reading to Lydia and simply read the animal noises as they appear on the page and she gives you a funny look, don't be surprised. If you're lucky, she might even demonstrate how to do the noise correctly.

visiting Nonna

guest blogger: Lydia

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Nonna was supposed to come play with us on Friday since she had a half day, but she hurt her back. So Mama and I ventured out of the city for the day. Nonna kept some of Mama's and her sibling's favorite toys from when they were little, and I think they are pretty awesome, too.

Check out the little people!

They're so skinny! (Mama said they got fat (in 1991) because the skinny ones were a choking hazard, but she thinks the fat ones reflect the obesity epidemic. I don't know what that means. I just think they're fun (and that Mama is silly).)

The school bus made a nice seat.

We also colored. So many colors from which to choose.

I hope your back is feeling better soon, Nonna. I will need to color you a picture on the chalkboard when you come to visit when you can walk better again.

dog park

Lydia loves dogs. When we go to the playgrounds with dog parks, we must also stop at the adjoining dog park so that Lydia can spend at least ten minutes squealing over the dogs.

Sometimes the owners (or dog walkers) notice her enthusiasm and bring their dogs over for Lydia to pet them, but the dogs are usually way too excited about running around to sit still for a little person for very long. Lydia doesn't mind; she cheers for them anyway with her signature, "Yay!"


Lydia loves to load and unload the dishwasher, specifically the silverware and her colorful bowls, plates, and cups.

She even closes it up when she's done.

She's so helpful and excited to help. Hopefully, this enthusiasm for helping will continue forever (wishful thinking). =)


It was a sad day over the weekend when I finished my last tub of Trader Joe's strawberry yogurt as it has been discontinued. Sniffle.

And since that's just not very exciting, this is a new favorite spot for Lydia.

She pulls that stool all the way across the kitchen and climbs up all on her own. She's learning new things every day; it's amazing how well she can communicate even though her vocabulary is so limited.

stroller shopping

Speaking of strollers, yesterday, Lydia and I took advantage of the rainy morning by running some indoor errands. We stopped at a local shop to check out the double strollers. We loaded Lydia up and wandered around the store to test it out.

I think she's a little confused since this stroller doesn't have a footrest (also known as the car seat adapter we never converted with a tray nor removed). To clarify, this is my usual view when I am pushing our stroller.

(Well, usually she has both shoes on, but it was pretty warm on Friday.)

stroller pusher

Lydia thinks it is really fun to push the stroller. When we do this, she essentially perches on my pregnant belly. With Aaron, I don't know how it works, but he made it work.

Right after I turned around to keep walking after taking the photos, Lydia saw a dog on the other side of the sidewalk. Since I may not have mentioned, Lydia loves dogs, squeals with delight upon seeing them, laughs loudly when they lick her (even in the face). In her excitement of noticing this canine, I turned around in time to see the stroller veering into the street with Aaron doing his best to contain an excited little girl and a runaway stroller. So funny. She's a little crazy, just another thing that I love about her.

zoo with Daddy

guest blogger: Lydia

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Last weekend, our church service was meeting at a different time, so we took advantage of the free morning by taking Daddy to the zoo. Mama and I go during the week when it is less crowded, so Daddy doesn't get to go much. I always hold the map and navigate the way. Here are the lions.

And tigers.

I waved to the peacock.

I love the children's zoo where I can pet the farm animals.

They even hold me up when I lose my balance.

 So soft.

Then we had lunch and went home. I love the zoo. When are we going again, Mama? (And we have two guest passes per visit if you want to come with us!)