friends . . . and soft pretzel bites

We met up with Kimberly during our Nashville visit. Our weekly visits are now semi-annual, but I still love them (and Kimberly) just the same. The weather gave her boys a snow day, so instead of a "quiet" play date with just the ladies (Grace and Lydia), the boys were home, too. It was still great to see my friend despite the cabin-fevered boys scampering about. During our last visit, Lydia seemed a little overwhelmed. This time, she fit right into the chaos. She felt so at home that she took off her socks and lost her hair clip. (So Lydia does that just about everywhere, but still.)

Lydia is about the same age that Grace was the last time they were together. So funny to see them both interacting more. They even warmed up to each other just in time for naps. Figures. =)

I am so thankful for Kimberly in my life - even though most all of our interactions anymore are with the help of electronic devices. Since her kids are a couple years older than mine and she has more kids than me and she did the whole move to a new city when her husband was a resident and then again a fellow, her willingness to share her experience with me is awesome and encouraging. She is always reminding me about the importance of grace in parenting (and relationships in general), and I am thankful for those reminders.

And remember when I grieved missing out on Sydney and Grace hand-me-downs? Tiffany and Kimberly passed along some hand-me-downs to me during my visit. Yay! Thanks, friends!

- - -

For the Super Bowl last night, Aaron and I camped out on our couch but not before making these soft pretzel bites from What Megan's Making. (This is her photo.)

Yummy. Easier than I expected. You should try them.


  1. Love these little faces and your encouraging words!!!


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