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Monday musings

I was quite hesitant to post my "friendship reflections" post the other day. It's not always comfortable to be vulnerable with friends, let alone to acquaintances and strangers out in cyberspace via my blog. So thank you to my lovely friends who commented or emailed me in response to it.

After a rainy Friday, Saturday and Sunday were quite lovely. Well, maybe Saturday was cold, but Sunday was lovely. We opened the sidewalk chalk, played at three different playgrounds, and tried to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I neglected the camera, so I have nothing to show for it except for this photo I snapped on my phone while at Target for the Dr Suess story time on Saturday morning.

I also spent time on Saturday on the computer researching double strollers. I love our single BOB Revolution, but the double just does not seem to be city-friendly. I've only ever seen two - maybe three - in the city, and I honestly do not know how they fit on the sidewalks (especially on…

Ticket to Ride

While in Nashville, Rebekah introduced me to a game, Ticket to Ride. (Somehow I always ended up sitting so that I was looking at the game board upside down.)

I enjoyed it so much that I took it along to Matt and Rachel's. They like games, and they enjoyed this game, too. Aaron is not always the fondest of games (especially speed games - anyone want to play Bananagrams with me?), but even he enjoyed it. Basically, you build train routes across the United States and Canada by collecting cards. It's a good game to enjoy with conversation and adult beverages (unless you're pregnant) because it doesn't require too much focus and strategy and doesn't take hours to play. It's only a five person game, but when we played at Rebekah's and Adrienne's we had six people and just paired up the betrothed couple.

(Mark and Leah liked it so much that it is on their wedding registry. Hmm, maybe I should put it on my baby registry . . . hah!) My parents are always playing…

new carseat

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Technically, I can still fit in the infant carseat, but Daddy and Mama told me the baby will need that seat soon. So they installed this new carseat for me. I helped Daddy learn how to install it.

I still face backward which makes the leg space in our car very squishy. (If Daddy sits in the passenger seat, his knees almost hit the dashboard.)

(Guess Mama forgot to read about how tall this new carseat was when it's rearfacing.) Nonetheless, I really like the buckle.

Big Guy & Nonna

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

A few weeks ago, Big Guy and Nonna came for dinner, and we celebrated Big Guy's birthday early with him. I showed him my nose.

Nonna read me one of my favorite books.

Apparently my mama liked this book, too, when she was my age.

more pigtails

Lydia's hair is growing, and she has a decent amount of it. People frequently ask if we've cut it since it often looks like a bob and not the typical baby mullet. Fortunately for her, her baby mullet curls up and under in the back fooling most people. Since her hair is getting longer, I can pull it into pigtails. Even though she pulls out her clips constantly, she isn't interested in pulling out the pigtails. Unfortunately they don't last long when she's in the stroller since her pigtails get squished, but when we're at home, she'll go for awhile with them.

I think I'm interrupting her breakfast eating. (Or she's giving me a look for standing on the chair.) Sorry, Lydia.

Lydia loves Mr. Potato Head, though she struggles to disassemble and reassemble all of his parts on her own. The arms are pretty tricky for a 15-month-old.

friendship reflections

In college, I somehow made friends with those graduating before me. The end of my junior year of college saw me saying farewell to most of my college friends. Somehow, also, they were mostly boys. Being that I was in a long-distance relationship with Aaron, this wasn’t exactly ideal for our relationship either. I entered into my senior year of college ready to jump into relationships with other girls.
My only two-year-in-a-row roommate came back engaged, and I was asked to be a bridesmaid. My more-like-an-acquaintance-not-really-that-close-friend came back expecting to be engaged but was dumped instead. She was devastated, heart-broken, crushed. Being that I had a long-distance boyfriend and wasn’t too excited about weekends to begin with, I jumped into loving her when she wanted to be cooped up inside her apartment on the couch on weekend nights. I loved her, and I loved loving her in her pain. I hurt so much with her. I saw a lot of weaknesses in my own relationship with Aaron as she…

little shoppers

On Monday, Aaron had to work. The weather was gorgeous in the morning, so we hiked across town to grab some lunch and visit Aaron.

En route, we stopped at H&M for Rachel to shop for Adalyn. Here are the little shoppers in action.

back so soon? =)

I think I have one more Nashville post, but I haven't finished writing it yet. So I'll skip ahead for this one.

Remember I said we see Matt and Rachel about once a year? Well, we came back from Nashville on the 31st of January. Low and behold, we saw them again less than ten days later. They had some last minute plans to visit Matt's college roommate up here in Pennsylvania. Being that we live in Philadelphia which is so close to the airport, they booked some nights here in the Rebekah room. (That's one of our two rooms on the third floor. Rebekah was the first person to sleep there - on the floor without an air conditioner in the blazing heat of August. Amazingly, she's still our friend and has come back twice (in the fall - she's no dummy).) What a treat to see them again so soon! I didn't take any pictures during their first leg (before visiting Matt's roommate), but once they returned on Sunday before their flight out early Tuesday morning, we took …

smitten daddies

We were in search of some lunch, and Rachel had a coupon book. She told me to find a place on Fort Campbell Boulevard. I found some coupons for Big E's BBQ, so that's where we ended up. Here are the only photos I took while we were there because the pork BBQ and ribs were that good. I couldn't waste time wiping off my hands to take pictures. (Psst - if you think pork BBQ is supposed to be mixed with a sauce, you must be from where I grew up. Blech. In the south, the sauce is served on the side, as it should be.) These two pictures make me laugh - Aaron and Matt looking from Adalyn to Lydia. They're two very smitten daddies.

While we waited for our food, Lydia learned how to drink from a straw. It was an interesting process, but I think she's got it down - for now.

Lydia and Adalyn definitely love their daddies, but they share their daddies well, too.

Although, Adalyn totally flirts and giggles with Aaron. It is hilarious to watch.

Of course, nothing captures the at…

Kentucky chapel

Matt and Rachel live almost on the Tennessee/Kentucky line, so on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, we took a short drive to a small chapel in the middle of Kentucky farmland. Then we played on the swing and took lots of pictures.

We even utilized the self-timer for a group shot. The little girls weren't interested, but at least we tried.

And just for some perspective, here we are two years ago on our ice climbing expedition in Colorado.

So thankful for these great friends. Now if only we were neighbors . . .

rocking horse

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

My friend, Adalyn, asked me to ride her rocking horse with her.

Sounded fun to me, so I climbed aboard (with some help).

"Are you holding on?" she asked.

She's kind of a wild driver. I kept slipping off the back.

Fortunately, she checked on me frequently. What a good friend.

singing giraffe

Lydia loved Adalyn's toy giraffe that sings the ABCs. As in, she wanted it to sing constantly. The giraffe needed a good squeeze to sing, and Lydia couldn't quite squeeze it enough to start the singing, so she recruited anyone around her to help.

It stopped.


It stopped again.


And repeat. Sometimes we hid it just to get a break (from the singing and the squeezing).


Once Aaron arrived in Nashville, my generous and gracious friend, Rebekah, loaned us her car, and we headed north towards the army base in Clarksville, Tennessee to visit some of our favorite people. In January of 2009, we visited Matt and Rachel in Colorado and played outside: skiing, ice climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. In January of 2010, they came to us in Philadelphia to the land of a newborn: spit-up, diapers, and breastfeeding mixed in with some whirlwind Philadelphia sight-seeing. In June when Matt was deployed, Lydia and I visited Rachel and Adalyn for more adventures in the land of a newborn. Two weeks ago, all six of us gathered for what seems to be emerging as our annual January gathering. (I hope someday for annual to be weekly. =) Adalyn and Lydia must have remembered each other from their time together in June as they had no difficulty finding things to do together.

Digging into each other's Cheerios.

Playing together with their daddies.

Playing cards.