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say cheese

Look! A family picture!

We are enjoying Aaron being around this week, so please excuse my lazy blogging.

playing the "pino"

For my birthday yesterday, Lydia and my nephew, Keiper, gave me a piano concert (or as Lydia calls the piano, "pino"). I captured a few seconds for you to enjoy as well.

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday, the girls and I made cookies with my family, but I forgot my camera. (Good grief. Let's hope I don't do that over the weekend!)

I've really been enjoying Mama Monk's poems this Advent season. Check them out here: Star, The Lord Is With TheeDarkness, Christ's Mother Reflects, His Childhood.

Sooo . . . Merry Christmas! Enjoy celebrating with family and friends wherever you might be!

creative juices

Five (four?) days before Christmas, and my creative juices are flowing. Why do my best ideas seem to come at the last minute? I won't have time to pull them all off, but I'm going to at least attempt one or two. I'll share them with you after the holidays since sharing them now might ruin some Christmas presents!

Here are the girls at the Gingerbread Tea last week. We decorate gingerbread houses, stuffed gingerbread ornaments, and traced Heidi into a gingerbread that is hanging on the inside of our front door. It was a fantastically fun, free, and a very well executed event by Tenth Presbyterian. (I hope they do more stuff like this regularly!)


Heidi is very expressive, especially when she is eating.

Don't be fooled. She loves avocado. She's just entertaining you.

cute babies

I found this cute baby in the photo album at my parent's house on Thanksgiving . . .

. . . who bears a slight resemblance to this cute baby.

I don't think they necessarily look alike (Heidi's cheeks are bigger), but a lot of Heidi's expressions remind me of that first baby. Anyone want to guess who the first baby is? Hint: it's not the girl in the swing.

(It's my younger brother, Derek.) Here's another one.

Here's one from Christmas 1986: me, Ryan, Derek.

Here's Lydia and Heidi a month ago.

Sometimes family resemblances are just too funny . . . and maybe a little bit scary, too (in a good way, I think). =)


This little lady is on the move . . . and into everything. Heidi's especially fond of paper and cardboard. All that wrapping paper on Christmas will probably be more exciting than anything wrapped in it.

holiday lights at Macy's

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Last Friday, Big Guy came to hang out with us. After my nap, we hopped in the stroller and headed to Macy's for the holiday light show.

I was wiggly. I could not seem to get comfortable.

Mama tried to hold me, but I wanted to sit by myself, unlike Lydia who sat with Big Guy the whole time.

Look at all those pretty lights!

That was fun. What are we gonna do next, Mama?

trains . . . trash truck . . . lights

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Nana came to play with us last Thursday. When Heidi woke up from her nap, we walked to Reading Terminal Market to see their train display.

When we got home, we made it just in time to see my weekly favorite.

I love to watch the trash truck.

After our naps, we went over to Love Park to watch their tree lighting. It took forever - too many political speeches Mama said - but it was fun to see the tree light up with Nana!


I ordered my Christmas cards on Black Friday but have yet to receive them. I even already have the stamps. Too bad the envelopes are with the cards or I'd have them addressed and ready to go out the door. While I wait, here are some pictures of my silly girls at the park in recent weeks.

We could probably live on the swings.

Buy-one-get-one Starbucks Holiday drinks. Lydia liked the Peppermint Mocha.

our Christmas tree

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

We made our annual visit to our local Christmas Tree farm for our Christmas tree.

Oh, your local tree farm doesn't have shopping carts?

This is my first Christmas. I don't know the rules yet, but in this family, Lowes appears to be a tradition.

We decorated the tree with Mama on Monday. I ate the balls.

Lydia ate a candy cane.

The tree blocks my view of Mama if she is in the kitchen, so I cry. Otherwise, I think I like it.

tree lighting

Last week we bundled up with blankets and hot chocolate in the stroller and walked over to the tree lighting at Rittenhouse Square. They were pretty excited.

The pre-lighting ceremony wasn't of interest to them, but we made it through to the part where Santa arrived and counted down to light the tree.

Merry Christmas!

line 'em up and feed 'em

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

I lined up my animals and then shared my popcorn with them.

tricks with Daddy

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

I love my daddy. Look at the fun tricks we do together.

That was fun. Let's do it again!

Hello there!

 I love to play with my daddy.

He's the best!

Jesse Tree: Celebration of Advent

[update: tutorial coming November 1, 2012.]

Tomorrow it begins: using my Jesse Tree as our Advent calendar! I introduced you to it last winter, mentioned it once, and then pathetically updated about it in April. Well, it is done (and actually has been done since before Heidi was born). I am posting the final product here for you if it will so inspire you to create your own at some point. I still have the patterns (i.e. essentially cardstock cutouts I made) which I may be motivated to scan if someone wants them.

Since my first tree attempt literally fell apart, I purchased this guy from Crate & Barrel (with my 15% off coupon). (Apparently this tree is already no longer available online even though I just got it last week.) It's twelve inches in diameter and twenty inches high. Mine is a little crooked, but it just gives it character (and resembles my real Christmas trees that are almost always crooked).

I'll post my Jesse Tree: Celebration of Advent for you here along with …