Lydia's baptism

Lydia is taking over my blog. (I'm sure none of you mind.) So even though she's not blogging this post, it's still about her.

The Sunday before last, we celebrated Lydia's baptism. (Pictures are limited because the light behind Aaron's head prevented the camera focus from cooperating with the photographer. Of course, we didn't even think to take a family picture either because the end of the service time is also after lunch time and before nap time which puts Lydia in a fragile state. Basically, we are just slackers for failing to capture a family photo.)

Anyway, I won't address the theology of infant baptism here on my blog, but I love what it represents - the sign and seal of the covenant God made with Abraham - an unconditional covenant of blessing and redemption. God's grace and mercy through salvation are gifts extended to each of his children; we merely must receive. Lydia's baptism doesn't grant her salvation as only she can choose this for herself as she grows to understand. She - and each of us - brings nothing to the table in our relationship with God. He reaches down to us whether we choose to receive or not. Our prayer is that Lydia will choose salvation for herself one day as we love her with the joy of the gospel. We pray that God will work through our imperfect love to show her his perfect love.

(Blurry thanks to the misbehaving auto-focus.)

(No, Chuck Norris did not baptize her; that's just our friend and pastor, Jared.)


  1. beautiful post! love your explanation of baptism.

  2. What denomination are you? I, too, like your explanation of baptism. All of our kiddos are baptized, too.


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