Yesterday we celebrated Lydia's Great-Great-Grammy's ninety-fifth birthday; her birthday was actually Saturday.

Here are the youngest and oldest attendees at the party.

I was put on camera duty by Aaron's Pop-Pop since their camera battery died. It is tricky to take pictures while attending to an its-past-my-bedtime-one-year-old, but I managed to grab a couple decent ones. Here is one of my favorites of Great-Grammy with one of her many (twenty-something? thirty-something?) great-grandkids.

The birthday girl was very busy greeting her family. (That's what happens when you have four kids and they all have kids and they all have kids . . . ) I think these are grandkids. Or grandkid plus grandkid-in-law. (Sorry, I married into this family. I can't quite keep the family tree straight all the time. =)

I think Lydia is already asleep in this picture.

Happy Birthday, Great-Great-Grammy!