fat camp

We spent Labor Day weekend at Keuka Lake. Over the Fourth of July, there were seventeen of us cuddled into two cabins. Last weekend our numbers dwindled to eight. It was a completely different experience but a wonderful time just the same.

Lydia has outgrown her bumbo in that she knocks the tray off when there is food on it, so we went with the fabric high chair. Lydia either ate her food off the chair . . .

. . . or off the table . . .

. . . which was just a tad bit too high.

Neither appears too ideal, but Lydia didn't seem to mind one bit. She ate so much this weekend; it was unreal.

My sister and sister-in-law returned from Keuka Lake after the Fourth of July in 2009 with photo albums titled "Fat Camp." (Aaron and I were still packing up our home in Nashville at the time and missed out on this trip.) The "fat camp" name - created by my brother, Ryan - has stuck around for whenever our families gather at the lake. Don't tell anyone they're eating too many sweets (smores, ice cream, chips, soda), or you will get hollered at. "No! Be quiet! This is fat camp. Let 'em eat what they want." Even though the founding members were not present last weekend, Lydia certainly participated, putting away eggs, bagels, pesto, blueberry coffee cake, pancakes, bacon, steak, and chicken cacciatore on top of her usual diet . Granted, her options were still healthier than the aforementioned sweets, but to her defense, she was already asleep for the evening whenever smores and ice cream were being consumed.

Whenever Lydia would continue eating as I scrounged for more food, my Aunt Laura would holler, "fat camp!"

Good food and good company always make for the best vacations. We are already looking forward to Fat Camp(s) 2011.


  1. Ryan Named it fat camp. Please don't take this from me. Please?

  2. Some of us don't recall this being the case...;O)


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