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Beauty and the Beast !!!

Guess what will be available next Tuesday?!

Anyone else excited about this besides me?! I wonder if I should pre-order . . .

In the meantime, I will start singing the entire movie to Lydia. "There goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls to sell . . . " Or we could go to one of the sing-a-long showings at noon on Saturday at select movie theaters. I have to go to the airport at 1245 or else I might have seriously considered it . . . =)

say cheese

Yesterday, I was sending Aaron his daily text photo of Lydia. I told Lydia to say cheese to which she responded "chis" with this face.


A recent favorite sequence of Lydia expressions.



So big!

Smith House

Lydia and I play weekly at the Smith House (a playground), but Aaron hasn't been there yet. Lydia and I took him there on Saturday, getting there early to beat the crowds.

We went down the giant slide first.

Then Lydia showed her daddy how much she loves this spinning cup.

(Even if the sun is in her eyes.)

We rode the see-saw for a bit.

Lydia waved to her daddy.

Then we spun some more on this roped-merry-go-round.

After we were done playing, we enjoyed a picnic by the trail along the river.

Lydia finished up the last apple from our apple picking. (She loves apple cores. If I'm not paying close attention, she will eat the entire thing - stem and seeds included!)

Keiper . . . Kuyper

This is Lydia's cousin, Keiper, who is seven months younger than Lydia.

This is Lydia's friend, Kuyper, who is five months older than Lydia.

Yes, Keiper and Kuyper - same name, different spelling - who both have June birthdays, one year apart.

Lydia hung out with Keiper on Tuesday.

And she was with Kuyper on Monday. Here they are enjoying the see-saw thing at the park.

 Checking out some gum on the bottom of a water bottle.

I wonder if Lydia is confused when I say, "we're going to hang out with Keiper (or Kuyper)," and we see the one she wasn't expecting. I wonder what she will decide to call them to differentiate once she starts talking. I'm sure she will know exactly about whom she is talking, and I will just be the confused one in the conversation. =)


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Keiper and I woke up from our naps about the same time, so Mama and Uncle Derek walked us to the park.

I am not sure if Keiper has been on a swing yet - besides the one inside his house - so I watched him to see what he thought of it.

I think he liked it.

I love swinging!

And swinging with my cousin is even better!

babysitting Keiper

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Yesterday, as soon as I woke up, my mama put me in the car, telling me we had to go babysit my cousin, Keiper. Fortunately, we didn't have to drive all the way out to his home in Harrisburg - just to the home of my Big Guy and Nonna in the suburbs. I was so excited to see him that I refused my morning nap. (Mama tells me that skipping naps is not a good idea.) But I hadn't seen him since our trip to the beach! Here I am excitedly flapping my arms.

I showed him "so big," and he was not impressed.

So I gave him a kiss to make him feel better.

I don't think my kiss helped.

He'll get used to me the more we hang out. We went to the park, too, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow. And in case you were worried about all those sad faces, he is usually a very happy boy - just not when I get too close to him. We talked from a distance. It worked out better that way.

beautiful weather

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in Philadelphia - perfect for our little friend's third birthday party. Lydia and I rode the bus (for the first time) to the park. It was a crowded bus, but I think I should take the bus more often. Anyway, here's the birthday boy with his brother and Lydia chatting in the background.

He certainly knows how to enjoy cupcake icing.

To celebrate the birthday, a carousel ride was in order. (It's nearly impossible to take photos while riding a carousel horse that goes up and down while holding a ten-month-old, so you will just have to trust me that we rode it. We rode the #15 Smarty Jones horse.) We opted out of the second ride, but Lydia still loved watching the carousel go round and round.

If you read my blog on a reader and haven't visited my blog in awhile, I (finally!) made a header yesterday that is festive for fall. (I'm no graphic designer, so don't get your hopes up. =)

apple orchard

This weekend, the weather was beautiful! We took a quick trip outside the city to introduce Lydia to apple picking and pumpkins.

There were definitely a lot of pumpkins - though Lydia didn't show much interest in them.

She may like them better after tasting some roasted pumpkin seeds or pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Yum. I'm salivating just thinking about those treats.

Out in the apple orchard, we wandered around the rows of apple trees: Jonathan, Macintosh, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Cortland, Jonamac.

Lydia liked to look at the apples but didn't really want to touch them until they were off the tree.

She also didn't enjoy eating the apple until it was down to the core. Then she'd hold the core and gnaw away at the remaining flesh.

Next year, we'll be chasing Lydia through the apple orchard. It's crazy how quickly she is growing and changing!


Yesterday, Lydia realized her ability to wave while swinging at the park.

Here she is in action. (This is my first attempt at posting a video on the blog, so hopefully it works.)


Yesterday Lydia chatted on the computer with her Aunt Rachel. Good thing it was a video chat because Lydia didn't say much. She mostly stared.

Maybe she is a little camera shy.

sleep positions

I have been finding Lydia in some interesting sleeping positions recently - not completely unusual, just interesting. I think she fell asleep sitting up.

Getting some fresh air for her feet.

At least she was sleeping in those pictures. Right now I can still hear her babbling to herself when she should be napping . . . *sigh*

favorite sweater

I bought this henley sweater at the consignment shop when I was pregnant with Lydia - for four dollars. I loved it when I bought it, imagining it on my little boy or girl but wishing it would actually fit me. Now that I see Lydia wearing it, I love it even more, and I really want one in my size.

Lydia doesn't think I'm serious.

But I am.

Guess I have a couple more years till we start sharing clothes.

top teeth

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

If you haven't seen me in awhile, I have new teeth.

This means I like to eat whatever Mama and Daddy are eating. Their food is so yummy!

a moving rock

One evening at the lake while sitting down by the water, my dad saw a moving rock. Can you guess which rock was moving?

Once he realized his eyes weren't playing tricks on him, he grabbed the walking rock and discovered a baby snapping turtle.

Isn't he (or she?) cute? After returning him to his home in the lake (hopefully baby snapping turtles are supposed to be in the lake?), we settled around the campfire. I love campfires on the beach of the lake.