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GGP and GGM visit

My grandparents (or Lydia's GGP and GGM: Great-Grand-Pop and Great-Grand-Mom) came to visit last week. If you've driven to visit us, you know that parking on our block  is limited to two hours. There's a spot around the corner that has four hour parking, so Lydia and I joined the GGs in their van to park the car. Lydia is too young for a forward-facing car seat, but we tested this one while we drove around the block. It folds right out of the seat. (Is it amusing that my grandparents have fancier car features than we do? They are so much cooler than we are.)

At first Lydia looked shocked.

Once she got over the shock of facing forward in a moving vehicle, she seemed to enjoy it.

Foolishly, I didn't reposition myself to manipulate the light well in these photos, but I love the faces Lydia and her GGP are making at one another.

We went here for lunch but ordered breakfast. Yum! It's one of my favorite places, and it's only a block away! Thanks GGP and GGM for coming…

Please Touch Museum

Last Monday, my mom (Lydia's Nonna) came down to the city where we took Lydia to the Please Touch Museum.

This museum used to be located in Center City, and I remember taking the train to the city with my grandparents and my cousins as a child. The museum relocated a few years ago to Fairmount Park on the west side of the river - north of the zoo - so it requires us to hop in the car to get there. Nonetheless, it's still just as fun as I remember it.

Lydia maintained the same face throughout the entire museum.

When she is older and more mobile, I think it will be more fun for her. There is a grocery store, hospital, automobile service station, crane, Septa bus, city park, Alice in Wonderland maze . . . I seriously think I had more fun than Lydia did last Monday.

Nurse friends, I took a couple pictures of the hospital for you.

This is the emergency room.

This is the NICU. Okay, so it's totally not a NICU since there are no monitors; it's probably just the newborn nurser…


After a busy morning of meeting many noisy and large farm animals, Lydia refreshed herself with a nap. After a quick ride on the four wheeler, we took Lydia across the street to meet some more animals: alpacas.

Checking each other out.

Despite their best efforts to look cute and be friendly, Lydia wasn't too excited about them.

We headed back to the trailer to eat dinner and head home. This is Lydia's tired or hungry or overwhelmed left-hand-thumb-suck-right-hand-hair-twirl. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

vrrmmm vrrmmm

What is a fair in the country without toys?

First we checked out John Deere.

Then we tracked down Aaron's favorite tent.

While it might look like Lydia is really excited about this Harley Davidson, she is really just enjoying seeing her reflection in the bike.

Lydia smiling at herself in the mirror.

Back at the trailer, Aaron brought out the four-wheeler. Lydia wasn't convinced at first.

But I think she liked it.

I need to get her a helmet.

photography at the fair

We took a break from visiting the animals at the fair to admire some art in the form of photographs.

Lydia loves pictures of babies.

Then we stopped to check "How Tall This Fall?"

Nana even captured a family photo for us.

farm animals

Four-wheelers, motorcycles, tractors, cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, roosters, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, alpacas . . . I do not even know where to start in showing you our weekend, so I will focus this entry on the farm animals at the fair.

We made a quick trip north to the annual Harford Fair. (Quick as in how long we were there. Not so quick as in how much time we spent in our Civic.) Aaron and I went last year and had decided it'd be a fun place to bring our baby next year. We invited Aaron's mom to join us, and the four of us enjoyed introducing Lydia to many farm animals.

First, riding on daddy's shoulders from the car to the admissions gate is always a fun time.

First we met a goat.

Then a cow.

Staring contest.

Watching the pigs.

Startled by the noisy roosters and chickens.

Exhausted by the time we met the quiet rabbits.

(Yes, I wore an empty baby carrier the entire time.)
Lydia is very much an observer, and you can probably tell by her facial expressions how s…

on the move

Before I tell you about our weekend, guess who started crawling yesterday? This girl!

Lydia crawled under the bed to get to her daddy. (I'm so excited she finally took off for the first time while he was home!)

And guess whose top teeth (finally) broke through the gums? This girl!

She's growing so fast, and I am not sure I can handle that fact.

new friend

While at the beach, four-year-old Cameron found a new friend in Lydia.

"Lydia!" He'd sing her name over and over again. "Can I hold the baby?" (So long as she wasn't fussing. He had an adorable way of saying he was done holding her if she fussed, but I cannot remember it and do not want to misquote him.)

By the end of the week, Cameron was reading Lydia stories.

I wish I had captured photos of Cameron playing with Lydia, too. He is very ready for his new cousin expected to arrive by October!

(Amanda, why do I have no pictures of you and your cute pregnant self? Oh wait, here's one.)

This is Amanda - a Baltimore Ravens fan - showing her husband (who is a lifelong friend of my brother, Ryan) a gift for their son.

This is Matt's response; he is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, of course.

I love them and am very excited to meet their little man (who will no doubt be a regular playmate to my nephew, Keiper). The beach trip next year will be Lydia and the boys …


If you have (or are having) a baby, you should have one of these.

I'm really rather baffled as to the prevalence of Baby Bjorns when the Ergo is a million times more comfortable and oh-so-very friendly to the lower back since the weight of the child is carried on the hips and not the shoulders/back.

When I sang praises of the Ergo to my then-pregnant sister-in-law, she initially balked at them. I had balked as well while pregnant, so I didn't fault her reaction. Though, I did try to persuade her to change her mind. After her baby shower where Lydia hung out in the Ergo and peacefully slept, she emailed me a one-line email, "Did I mention that I turned to the dark side (Ergo)?"

And who did I find at the beach?

Keiper loves it as much as Lydia does. We use it on walks to church, to the Italian Market, to friend's houses, to the beach. It allows me to be hands free if I need to be using both hands. It made navigating the airport on our trip to Nashville a breeze! I …