Lydia has plenty of toys to keep herself busy - without crawling. She will reach, scoot, squirm, roll, and wiggle. If she is placed down in one spot on the floor, she will still be in the same relative area as her interest in crawling is minimal. This works very well for us, but it will certainly not last forever. In the meantime, I will embrace it and love it. She is already growing and changing so quickly; I do not need to rush anything. (Although, I probably need to put a rush on putting up the baby gate at the top of the stairs where the floor slants toward the stairs . . . )

Yes, her sweet baby rolls have tan lines. =)


  1. She is so adorable! Natalie is getting the "sweet baby rolls" already (I like how you put it) Hope you guys are doing well. If you come out to visit Keiper (oh and Ryan & Lauren) and have some free time...give me a call, maybe we could meet up. We only live 10 minutes from them.


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