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first blogiversary!

It's Fig Tree Freedom's first blogiversary! (Thank you Urban Dictionary for verifying that word for me.)

Last year I wrote my first post while I was living in my room with Rebekah and Adrienne on Georgia Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee. (Yes, it's my room; it's "Danielle's room" if any of you go visit.) Now, 365 days later, I'm still posting, and you kind people are reading. More accurately, people are enjoying pictures of Lydia and sometimes skim what I type. Nonetheless, thank you for visiting my blog every day or every few days or once a month or ten times each day because it would be very lonely to maintain a blog that no one was visiting.

I was going to throw a party in celebration of the blogiversary, but the party planning was interrupted by teething Lydia. Life happens. Maybe we'll have a belated party instead.

Lydia, however, learned to clap today - just in time to celebrate the blogiversary.

Her hands are moving so fast; the camera on my …


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

That big ball is tricky. It holds little balls inside it that I cannot get to come out. But I can get the big ball in my hands and try to put it in my mouth. Want to see?

I have to get the timing right.

Got it!


Four years ago, I married my best friend.

(Photos by Candid Moments Photography.)

Since July 28, 2006: Married. Nashville. Law school. Nurse. Midtown. Pregnant. Graduated. Philadelphia. Attorney. Lydia. Parents.

Instead of writing my own love song, I will borrow some lyrics from Andrew Peterson's new album, Counting Stars, in his song, "Dancing in the Minefields."(If you haven't already purchased this album since its release date yesterday, you really should.)

And we're dancing in the minefields
We're sailing in the storm
This is harder than we dreamed
But I believe that's what the promise is for

So when I lose my way, find me
When I loose love's chains, bind me
At the end of of all my faith, till the end of all my days
When I forget my name, remind me

'Cause we bear the light of the Son of Man
So there's nothing left to fear
So I'll walk with you in the shadowlands
Till the shadows disappear

'Cause he promised not to leave us
And his promises are t…


Wise insight from IKEA.

A cute little girl.


Lydia has plenty of toys to keep herself busy - without crawling. She will reach, scoot, squirm, roll, and wiggle. If she is placed down in one spot on the floor, she will still be in the same relative area as her interest in crawling is minimal. This works very well for us, but it will certainly not last forever. In the meantime, I will embrace it and love it. She is already growing and changing so quickly; I do not need to rush anything. (Although, I probably need to put a rush on putting up the baby gate at the top of the stairs where the floor slants toward the stairs . . . )

Yes, her sweet baby rolls have tan lines. =)

loving Keiper

Lydia loves her cousin. Truthfully, she just loves to look at other babies. Since her cousin is a baby, she loves to look at him. Thus, we conclude she loves him. =)

Keiper isn't as fascinated by other babies yet. His time will come.

Giving Keiper kisses.

blowing bubbles

Lydia loves the pool. She also loves to blow bubbles in the water. She will stick her face in the water and begin with blowing but end with drinking and sputtering. Sometimes she sticks her face in the water too quickly and skips the bubbles, going straight to the sputtering.

It is one of the cutest things to watch.

I know she is my kid - which means I am biased - but she is awesome.


Yes I’m still working my way through Genesis. (I started in January. I’d like to say that I’m really dissecting the passages, but the truth is I’m lazy and fail to dig into the Word every day as I should.)
Here I am with Joseph in chapters 37 through 45. I have always enjoyed the story of Joseph. (Maybe because he was “well-built and handsome” (39:6). Haha!) Every time I read about Joseph, God reveals something new and different to me. I suppose I am an emotional reader as I am always imagining what the characters must have been thinking and feeling.

Joseph’s brothers sold him to some Ishmaelites who then sold him in Egypt. Then in Egypt, he was a trusted servant of Potiphar’s. Potiphar’s wife, however, wanted Joseph and cried rape when he didn’t want her in return. So Joseph went to prison innocent of any crime and stayed there for a few years until a forgetful cupbearer recommended him to Pharaoh as being able to interpret dreams. When Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, Pharaoh put …

bug eyes

This picture cracks me up.


Lydia's face as she eats her dinner.

Aaron's face reacting to my brother's warning: "Aaron! There's a huge bug behind you! Swat it! Quick!" in response to Rachel's sunglasses.


jumping into the pool

With this high heat and humidity, we've spent a lot of time in the pool. Lydia loves playing in the water. She loves to jump off the ladder to her mama. Or she just loves to reach for her mama. Either way, she's jumping.

first boat ride

guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Daddy and Mama insisted I wear that uncomfortable life jacket in order to ride on the boat. I begrudgingly complied.

I found it to be much more comfortable if I was able to stand instead of sit, so I stood and watched the wake the whole ride. I'm more familiar with facing backwards. It's how I travel in the car, too.

It was really bumpy. Mama and Daddy helped me stay standing when Mama's cousin Barry hit big waves. (It wasn't his fault. The lake was crowded with lots of other boats.) I think I tried to smile bigger, but the wind made it tricky to do so.

Twenty-something years ago my mama took her first boat ride on this same boat, and sometime after that she learned to water ski behind it, too.

When do I get to water ski?


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

The United States Coast Guard approves Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), but I do not approve of them. Nonetheless, Mama told me I can't ride in a boat without one, so I let them put this ridiculous thing on me.

Then, they wanted me to wear it in the water.

Are they serious? This thing is awfully uncomfortable.

That's better.

Why are you putting me in this water? Yes, I like swimming, but this water is too cold!

I'm much happier over here today, thanks.

But I am ready for that boat ride now.

waking up Aunt Rachel

We explained to Keiper and Lydia how the routine will be next summer: they should let their mamas and daddies sleep and wake up Aunt Rachel to play with them whenever they're ready to get up in the morning. We gave them some practice this summer for next summer.

I think it's safe to say Aunt Rachel can hardly wait until next summer.


Lydia has found a new love: Cheerios. Trouble is, she is unable to transfer them from her firm grasp to her mouth. We usually help her out.

Then she makes puckered lip faces as she grinds the Cheerio with her gums and two teeth.

It's quite entertaining to watch. She was offered a lot of Cheerios while at the lake, and we quickly learned to only offer them after she had eaten her meal. She is very interested in foods like Cheerios that she can "chew," but with only two bottom teeth, her chewing abilities are quite limited. Thus, her solid diet is still pureed fruits, vegetables, and grains. She doesn't seem to mind one bit - until she spots the Cheerios, that is.


Lydia enjoys people. She still quietly observes at first, but once she has the situation looked over to her satisfaction, she loves her newfound audience.

She enjoyed the water, so long as she hadn't have to be in too much of it at once. The water was kind of cold for a little person.

She had a lot of fun with Big Guy (who seemed to also have a lot of fun with her) and her cousin, Keiper . . .

. . . even when Big Guy put Keiper's bathing suit on Lydia's head.

I forget who laughed harder during this exchange - Lydia or Big Guy.

Nonna and Big Guy with their grandbabies. (Keiper wasn't ready for the picture. Sorry, Keiper.)

I think Keiper prefers the candid shots; he's still working on his portrait poses.

lake mornings

Phew, it is HOT here in the northeast. On Tuesday, we visited the neighborhood pool. On Wednesday, we visited the pool at the home of Big Guy and Nonna. Today, Lydia didn't want to wear sunscreen one more day, so we went to Target where there is air conditioning and a cold food section.

Maybe looking at lake pictures will help cool us off.

Mornings at the lake are so peaceful.

This year, mornings started earlier and were filled with daddy-baby bonding time.

Aaron and Lydia.

Ryan and Keiper.

Sometimes Nonna got some bonding time, too.

And sometimes Aaron and Derek dress alike.

Please note the need for sweatshirts. Mornings at the lake were beautifully chilly.