Kimberly was one of my first friends in Nashville. She reached out to me soon after relocating, and our paths casually intersected most of my time in Nashville. But beginning last winter, we met together weekly, and I enjoyed her as both a friend and a mentor. Our time together was hilariously crazy with her two boys interrupting and entertaining us but amazingly sweet and encouraging despite the craziness. It usually took us two hours to have a fifteen minute conversation, but our time together was a favorite time in my week. I love Kimberly and her sweet boys, and last May - shortly before I left Nashville - Kimberly's third child and little girl, Grace, arrived. I love her, too. Lydia is less than six months younger than Grace, and if we still lived in Nashville, we like to think they'd be good friends. After a morning of swimming and a good nap (during which Kimberly and I caught up a bit), Lydia met Grace.

Grace is clearly excited.

Lydia is not so sure.

Can you tell Grace has two older brothers, so personal space is a non issue?

Kimberly was telling me her observations of watching Grace play compared to watching her boys play. Grace wanted Lydia to share her enthusiasm for the tiara, but Lydia wasn't so sure about that either.

Lydia met Grace's big brothers - Will and Drew - too.

When I left Nashville last July, Drew was barely talking. He could say my name, and during my weekly visits, I'd often hear "Dayell, come find me," from his favorite hiding places. Last week, he was telling me all about his octopus Play-Doh toy in complete sentences. Sigh. Is Lydia going to grow up that fast, too?

Thanks for letting us visit and play, Kimberly. I wish we could do weekly visits again. Miss you!


  1. I love this, even more today than if I had seen it then.:)


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