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Kimberly was one of my first friends in Nashville. She reached out to me soon after relocating, and our paths casually intersected most of my time in Nashville. But beginning last winter, we met together weekly, and I enjoyed her as both a friend and a mentor. Our time together was hilariously crazy with her two boys interrupting and entertaining us but amazingly sweet and encouraging despite the craziness. It usually took us two hours to have a fifteen minute conversation, but our time together was a favorite time in my week. I love Kimberly and her sweet boys, and last May - shortly before I left Nashville - Kimberly's third child and little girl, Grace, arrived. I love her, too. Lydia is less than six months younger than Grace, and if we still lived in Nashville, we like to think they'd be good friends. After a morning of swimming and a good nap (during which Kimberly and I caught up a bit), Lydia met Grace.

Grace is clearly excited.

Lydia is not so sure.

Can you tell Grace…

swimming, swimming in the swimming pool

It was really really hot during our Tennessee visit. Fortunately, Deidre shared her neighborhood pool with us (even though she could not join us there because of her work schedule). A group of my former co-workers joined us at the pool last Monday.

There were lots of little people for Lydia to meet (and more on the way). Avery was busy inflating her swimmies. (Jennifer is due with Avery's brother or sister in November!)

Reece is one day older than Lydia, so Katie and I went through pregnancy together (my first, her second). Unfortunately, Reece skipped her nap to come play, and she was missing her sleep. She's really cute; sorry she's hiding under her hat in this picture. I really like Sadie's watermelon suit, but it is also kind of making me hungry.

Jessica (and her baby due in October!) is sharing a ball with Claire - who kept trying to dive off the lap of her mama (Rebekah). Maria and Nez and Jessica are super friends coming to hang out with all these babies on a da…

Georgia in Tennessee

The second half of our trip was spent with some of my favorite people and dear friends, Rebekah (Nez) and Adrienne (Adrizzle), at their home on Georgia Avenue. Check out their awesome aprons as they prepare dinner.

Adrienne has a dog, Jake.

Lydia could not figure out what to do with him. She would screech and holler at him while reaching out to pet him. We could never determine if her noises were squeals of delight or fear. Jake wasn't quite sure what to do with Lydia either. Fortunately, she preferred to play with her cups . . .

. . . or read books.

Apparently, I was too busy conversing with friends to take pictures during this trip. (Nez, did you get a picture of Adrienne and Lydia together?)

On Sunday, we went to church, which is temporarily meeting in the evenings. Lydia's early bedtime doesn't cooperate with evening activities, but sometimes, we just have to do things. Most everyone to whom we talked commented on Lydia's resemblance to her daddy. Lydia shocked me …

meeting Adalyn

Back in January, Matt and Rachel came to visit when Rachel was still pregnant. The first few days of Lydia's and my trip to Tennessee were spent visiting Rachel and meeting Adalyn (as Matt is currently serving with the army in Iraq).

I cheered when I captured Adalyn's smile with the camera, but my cheering quickly turned her smile into tears. Oops. Sorry, Adalyn!

Lydia and Adalyn seemed to be on opposite sleep/wake cycles during the day, but they became quick friends when they were awake - or at least that's what we told them. This contrast actually worked very well for our evening routine: Rachel cooked while I put Lydia to bed; Rachel and I ate together; I cleaned up while Rachel put Adalyn to bed; Rachel and I relaxed on the couch together while the babies slept. It was quite wonderful. We simply toted around our twin monitors to keep track of our little ladies.

Lydia must have a thing for baby fingers and toes. (Remember Keiper's toes?)

Lydia was also very eager to…

first flight

Lydia experienced her first airplane trip traveling to and from Nashville. We flew Southwest where bags fly free - and so do kids under the age of two if they sit on your lap.

On the way to Nashville, we lucked out with an emptier flight. Lydia got her own seat. On the way to Philadelphia, the flight was packed, and Lydia could not successfully save herself a seat - although she made a valiant effort.

Instead, she enjoyed some playtime on the floor. Since she's not interested in crawling yet, sitting or standing in one place is still perfectly enjoyable for her. This made flying with her quite simple.

Since we borrowed a friend's car seat (thanks, Jennifer!) in Nashville, we had an easy time in the airport. I checked our main bag and carried on a diaper bag and Lydia in the Ergo. I can travel easily with a stationary seven-month-old, but it would have been a whole new ball game if Lydia was already more mobile. Once she starts motoring on her own, I'm in big trouble. =)


Yesterday, Lydia and I returned from our Nashville excursion. It was a great trip visiting friends and introducing Lydia to them. Before going, I wondered (worried) if the visit would be somewhat sad - seeing how life in Nashville continued on without me. I wondered (worried) needlessly. Of course, life in Nashville continued on without me, but while I was there, my friends welcomed me right back into their craziness and dove into the conversations that naturally arise among people living in community. It was an amazingly refreshing trip, and I cannot believe it is over already.

Thank you for having us, friends!

I think I will cope with missing Nashville by posting about our trip till I run out of pictures for stories. Stay tuned.


Family can be many things - both good and bad - but I love these people and moments like this.

(I also love the people missing from this photo.)

When will we all be together again? Lake? Beach? (Apparently bodies of water bring us together.)

smashing banana

Helping Mama make banana bread by licking the masher. Yum.


Sometimes eating is so exhausting.

Father's Day

Guest blogger: Lydia.

Happy Father's Day to my daddy.

He lets me sit on his shoulders even though I may sometimes pull his hair or chew on his head.

He offers his fingers when I try to put playground equipment in my mouth.

He lets me win when we wrestle.

He's the best daddy ever. I love him so much. Happy Father's Day, Daddy!


Guest blogger: Lydia.

- - -

This humidity really messes with my hair.

piggy little toes

My sister-in-law, Lauren, captured Lydia's interest in Keiper's piggy little toes. She was probably singing one of her favorite songs.

Does he have one belly button and two elbows?
A cute little chin and a pretty little nose?
And one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten piggy little toes?
(Piggy Little Toes Slugs, Bugs, and Lullabies)

(You can listen to it on the website in that red box on the right.)


If you've seen me during warm weather in the past six years, you've probably seen me in these because I wear them all. the. time.

They are so fashionable; wouldn't you agree? =) I got them in December of 2003 right before my expedition to Ghana, Africa because I wanted comfortable sandals with arch support that could handle the rough and tumble of who-knows-where-I-would-be without giving me shin splints.

They have proved to be the most comfortable (and durable) sandals I've ever owned, and I've worn them for miles and miles and miles. When my feet started to swell towards the end of my pregnancy, these were one of two pairs of shoes into which I could still fit my fat feet. But last month at the zoo, this happened.

So sad. While I'll probably still wear them around when I'm at the lake or the mountains, I have retired them from normal use. (My sister is doing cartwheels, I'm sure, as she's never been too fond of my clunky (read: ugly) sandals no ma…

stacking cups

Guest blogger: Lydia.

- - -

Wow, Daddy, that's a tall tower.

I'm so excited!

May I knock it down, please? Will you help me?

Thank you! Sometimes I just like to chew on the cups when I'm bored of stacking and wrecking.