Race for the Cure

Yesterday was this twentieth annual event in Philadelphia.

I ran it in high school with my lacrosse team. "Ran" should really be a loose term because during the first mile, running is not quite possible. It's more like shuffling, dodging, passing, and merging until the 50,000+ runners space out enough to allow for running. This time, I would be running it with Lydia in the stroller - thus complicating the shuffling, dodging, passing, and merging.

Early yesterday morning, Aaron, Lydia and I walked over to the Art Museum to join the other couple of folks who were a part of this annual event. Just a couple people. See?

At this point, Lydia and I were up there between 22nd and 23rd on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway waiting for the race to start. We were not quite shoulder to shoulder, but I couldn't even rock the stroller back and forth to entertain the bored-of-being-still-Lydia. I resorted to squat-and-jump-peek-a-boo.

Unfortunately, it was very cold for a Philadelphia spring morning - not the warmer spring mornings Lydia and I have been enjoying on our runs the past few weeks. Cold is better than rain, though, right?

Here we are before the race - making sure Lydia is bundled and has a hold of her crinkly book to read during the run.

Then Lydia gave me a pep talk about pacing and what my splits should be.

Then we headed for the start and waited for the horn to sound.

Aaron took the camera, so all these shots are his. I even forgot to switch out the lenses and bring along the zoom before we left, so don't blame him for the far away pictures at the end of the race. That was my bad. He still got some great shots, though, don't you think?

As was my experience in high school, when the race started we shuffled, dodged, passed, and merged the first mile. Doing so with a stroller was quite a bit more challenging, but we did okay. Here we are just having crossed the finish line.

Can you spot Lydia's sleeping face?

Finally we made it through the end of the corral to meet up with our fan.

My personal trainer/coach fell asleep somewhere after mile two. Can't tell you how many runners during the race commented on the sleeping baby: "now that's the way to run a race!"

Lydia woke up while I was enjoying my Wawa soft pretzel. She smiled for a photo with her daddy.

But she wasn't too excited to smile for a photo with me.

Nonetheless, it was a fun way to spend our first Mother's Day together and a great precursor to a long Mother's Day nap!

I just looked at the race page for results. The page shows only 1284 finishers. They charged $8 for the official chip to track your time and be qualified for prizes. Apparently I wasn't the only one too cheap to pay for one. =) The clock said 32:32 when I crossed the finish, but I don't know how far into the race the clock was when I (finally) got to the starting line. I saw the clock at mile one (12:08) but missed it at mile two. I like to think that I ran it in under 30 minutes, but I guess I'll never know for sure. =)