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Memorial Day

I am thankful and grateful for those who serve our country in the military, for those who sacrifice much to do so, and for those who may give their lives in doing so. When I think of military veterans in my life, I immediately think of my Pop-Pop, Walt, my neighbor growing up, Fran, and my neighbor currently, Jim. For those currently serving I think of our high school friend, Baldo, and our dear friend we met in Nashville, Matt.

Matt left last weekend for a deployment to Iraq leaving his wife and six-week-old daughter at home. I am in awe of military families whose loved ones leave to serve. It is certainly not easy to be the one left behind without a husband/wife or father/mother, but they do it courageously and selflessly. Likewise, those leaving to serve do not face an easy task, but they also do it courageously and selflessly. I am thankful for people like Matt who defend the freedoms I so often take for granted and do not even realize I enjoy. Thankful seems like such a meager wo…

post #200

This is the two hundredth post on the blog. People are still reading (though rarely commenting), so I am still writing. More likely to be accurate: people just want to see pictures of Lydia and have to suffer through my monologues accompanying the photos. Fair enough, so here she is. Sometimes crabby. Always cute.


Sometimes I want to get on my soapbox(es). Breastfeeding. Immunizations. Obstetrics. Healthcare. Obesity. But I know no one really wants to hear (read) me do that.

Phew, I feel better just listing them, and that's all I have to say about them on my blog.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: pictures of Lydia.

bucket of fun

A tub for laundry + an umbrella + water from the hose = a pool of fun for Lydia.

These straps definitely look chewable.


Ready to get out of the bucket now.

(In case you are aware and thus concerned: yes, GAP recalled this swimsuit, but I fixed it. I liked it too much to keep shopping for a new one. It had a ring at the halter that was apparently compromising airways. I broke the ring with some pliers and threaded the strap in its place. No more compromised airways. I even like it better without the ring.)


My two favorite people.

They're so cute - especially when they're together.


Guest blogger: Lydia.

- - -

Now that I have two teeth, Mama and Daddy say I need to brush them.

Fortunately, my friend's daddy is a dentist, and he gave me this banana toothbrush.

I'm still figuring it out, but I am pretty experienced at sticking anything and everything into my mouth. See?

that's amore

My aunt and two cousins stopped by on Saturday. We escorted them to Termini Brothers and found some entertainment while we waited for my mom and her sister to pick out their Italian pastries.

Lydia thought they were fantastic. I couldn't capture her face with my phone because of the bright sunlight behind her, but she was captivated and fascinated.

Aaron and I also think the man with the guitar resembled our high school AP Euro teacher, Mr. Wood, but maybe it was just the ponytail.


So glad it's Friday.

crib changes

Lydia cannot pull herself up yet on her own, but she will stand with assistance.

So we lowered the mattress in her crib.

Sorry, Lydia, the view's not as nice.

Trust me, though. It's not as fun for Mama, either, bending over that far at two o'clock in the morning . . . =)

sweet potatoes

Recenty, Lydia was introduced to sweet potatoes.

Although, I'm not sure any sweet potatoes actually arrived to her stomach.

Italian Market Festival

This weekend was the Italian Market Festival. Being that we live so close, we wandered over to it a couple times on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, we wanted to eat every time we wandered over, too. On one visit, I purposefully left my money at home, so I wouldn't be able to surrender to the temptation of cannolis and gelato on every corner.

Lydia received a new hat from her Nonna and Aunt Rachel. She really liked it as evidenced by her enthusiastic chewing on its strap.

The festival definitely wore her out, and she wasn't enjoying a nap in the sling (despite her peaceful appearance in this photo), so we headed home for a long Lydia nap.

I love how much use I still get out of this sling. It's not ideal for long walks, but for short trips it allows Lydia to perch on my hip and see everything without wearing out my arms so much. It's not as hands-free as other carriers I have, but I love it nonetheless. Hopefully, others to whom I've given slings find them as usef…

sitting up

Six months ago yesterday Lydia vacated my womb. It's hard to believe she's been around six months already but also hard to remember life without Lydia. Funny how that works.

She loves to sit and play with her stacking cups.

She also seems to like the feel of her new teeth against her lips. Notice her mouth.

Of course, cups are fun to chew on, too.


What is church? It’s a loaded question; isn’t it? Is church a place? Is it a group of people? Does the group of people have to meet at a place to be a church?

In Nashville my pastor. Randy, said it just about every Sunday, “If you came to church this morning, don’t worry, it will be over in about an hour. But if we are the church, look out because it gets messy.” True. Simple. Scary. Beautiful.

Why go to church every Sunday? No, really, why? What am I doing if I go to church every Sunday but live devoid of the gospel in my life? We have all fallen short. We are all in desperate need of God’s grace. Until I realize the transforming power of the gospel in my life, I will be unable to love others with the gospel. If I think you need the gospel more than I do, I will fail to love you as Christ intends for us to love one another. This is not a once and done task of “realizing” the gospel. It is a minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour and day-by-day journey of being in a posture before my Savio…

a day of firsts

Much to the chagrin of my husband . . . (okay, chagrin is probably too strong a word) . . . Much to the dismay of my husband, I took Lydia to a new place today.

Not only was this Lydia's first trip to such a great place, but it was her first experience sitting in the shopping cart. She just started sitting up on her own, so I thought we'd try it out. (Once I found a capable cart; it took me about five shopping carts to find one with two straps and intact buckles.) I think she loved it - both IKEA and the shopping cart. She wouldn't even sit still enough for a decent picture; that's how excited she was.

We admired all the fun toys in the kids section and then strolled through the marketplace, particularly admiring the fabric. Also, of note, I didn't purchase anything. I drooled a lot (so did Lydia) and made a longer wish list, but I left empty-handed - well, besides carrying Lydia. I'm not sure if it's a sin or a good example of self-control to leave IKEA wi…

Race for the Cure

Yesterday was this twentieth annual event in Philadelphia.

I ran it in high school with my lacrosse team. "Ran" should really be a loose term because during the first mile, running is not quite possible. It's more like shuffling, dodging, passing, and merging until the 50,000+ runners space out enough to allow for running. This time, I would be running it with Lydia in the stroller - thus complicating the shuffling, dodging, passing, and merging.

Early yesterday morning, Aaron, Lydia and I walked over to the Art Museum to join the other couple of folks who were a part of this annual event. Just a couple people. See?

At this point, Lydia and I were up there between 22nd and 23rd on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway waiting for the race to start. We were not quite shoulder to shoulder, but I couldn't even rock the stroller back and forth to entertain the bored-of-being-still-Lydia. I resorted to squat-and-jump-peek-a-boo.

Unfortunately, it was very cold for a Philadelphia …

a day for mamas

If you are a mama, Happy Mother's Day! If you are my mama, mama-in-law, grand-mama, or grand-mama-in-law, hugs to you from me!

This is my first Mother's Day with a child of my own outside of the womb (as compared to last Mother's Day when Lydia was a little bitty fetus). Motherhood is many things to me - none of which I can really articulate into words. I am thankful for how God shows me more of who he is and molds me into being more like him through this journey of motherhood. Whether easy or hard, full of joy or full of sorrow, I want to treasure it all a blessing!

It's a chilly day here in Philadelphia, but the Phillies are hot at the ballpark today. (Wow, that was horribly cheesy.) Lydia loves her Phillies (and her mama - or so I like to think).

This is how Lydia and I spent our morning, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!