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I'm stuck in a rut with my meal planning. I try new recipes quite frequently, but some of my recent attempts haven't been quite as tasty as I'd hoped. I've tried multiple recipes from P-Dub. (If you've never read this woman's musings, you should check her out. She's quite hilarious, and she writes about much more than just cooking, too.) Some of my attempts do not turn out as beautiful as hers, but others are fantastic. I made her (well, Sigrid's) carrot cake last week, and my sister almost refused to eat it because she "hates" carrot cake. We finally convinced her to try it, and she claimed to actually like it. I also made Pastor Ryan's (a contributer on the Pioneer Woman cooking blog) chicken tikki masala for my friend, Ashley, who spent her summer in India. I thought it was delicious but had no idea as to the authenticity of its taste. Ashley said it tasted just like India and was ready to sit Indian-style on the floor for dinner.

Nonetheless, I sometimes don't have time (or get bored) to sift through the internets to plan my meals, and my recipe collection is kind of boring and unappealing at this exact moment. Thus, blog readers, do you have any dinner recipes to share with me . . .

. . . and Lydia? Because she eats whatever I eat, so she'd be grateful for delicious ideas, too. (Oh, and Aaron eats, too, just in case you were worried that I hadn't mentioned him.)


  1. I do.

    2% Cold Milk
    Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
    Tall Glass

    Mix milk w/ syrup in tall glass. Stir for 15 seconds.



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