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chicka chicka boom boom!

Will there be enough room?

Lydia and I went to the library today - not the big central one - just the one around the corner. I saw this book, and immediately, in my head, I could hear my sister's voice at age three saying, "Chicka chicka boom boom! Will there be enough room?" I'm not positive, but I think this was her favorite book. When I read it to Lydia, I found that I could "read" most of it without even looking at the words. Funny how memories resurface like that.

This book also brought back Harleysville swim team memories. "I said a boom chicka boom!" (Anyone? Coach Derek?)

In other news, Lydia's crib has been recalled. She's only been enjoying it for two and a half months (as she slept in the cradles up until three months of age). Bummer. "Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact LaJobi to receive a free hardware retrofit kit that will immobilize the drop side. CPSC urges parents and caregivers to …

book worm

There are too many piles on my dresser. This is my pile of books.

(Yes, Derek, that is your Prodigal God. I have to give it back to you, but I didn't finish it yet.)

Why am I reading so many books at once? Good question. I have a logical reason (or so I think), but it's not worth typing. =)

This book is awesome, but it deserves its own post. More to come. (Don't hold your breath waiting. This "more to come" could take weeks. You should probably just get one of your own to read in the meantime.)

Lydia is getting through her books much faster than me. She also enjoys reading multiple books at once.

She likes to turn the pages - once I help her get the book open.

brown paper packages tied up in strings

These are a few of my favorite things.

When the Sound of Music is on television, Aaron is usually amazed (and concerned) at my ability to immediately burst into song the second his click of the remote lands on the curtain-dressed Von Trapp children. He's never seen the whole movie, but I do make him stay on the channel if the children are singing (so I can sing along, of course).

In the spirit of "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." a few of my favorite things are borrowed, hand-me-down, and consignment items. Check out some of Lydia's borrowed and hand-me-down loot.

Friends of ours here in the city have three kiddos with number four on the way. Third kiddo is too old for these toys, and fourth baby isn't out to enjoy them yet. Thus, Lydia is keeping them in use in the meantime. Because, seriously, who wouldn't love to be suspended from the ceiling, bouncing around in the bathroom?

The exer-saucer that takes up most of the first floor. (If you've seen our house, you…

market bags

Way back last fall, I found this pattern and ambitiously decided these would be great Christmas presents. I headed out to IKEA (whose lovely canvas fabrics are perfect for bags). I attempted to complete the bags before Lydia's arrival, but I failed. I made some - but not all - before she arrived. A few received them before Christmas, and I hoped to finish the rest in time for Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day came and went. Then I thought they'd be a fun package to welcome spring. Spring came, and I still wasn't done. Nonetheless, a few weeks ago, I finally finished them - just in time for Easter!

I didn't even remember to take pictures of all of them finished, but here are the ones that were finished before Lydia was born.

I love them for groceries but use them for just about everything. The best part is when I save my $0.02 or $0.05 for using my own bag at SuperFresh, Whole Foods, or Target. Although, the Target people do not really seem used to people bringin…

Happy Earth Day

In honor of my brother, Ryan, the nazi of the recycling bin, and my Pop-Pop, who collects the recycling once a week at his Florida retirement community, I celebrate the 40th annual Earth Day. Hooray! In celebration, I did four loads of laundry and hung my head in shame as I threw them into the dryer. City living has its limitations, and line drying laundry is one of them. I do use cloth diapers, so there's less junk in the landfill from me. You win some; you lose some. I'm winning with diapering. I'm losing with the clothes line.

Lydia is awake, so we're off to enjoy the great outdoors of the city of Philadelphia!

the girl in the mirror

Guest blogger: Lydia.

- - -

The girl staring back at me in the mirror always makes me smile. I could talk to her for hours.

See? Isn't she cute?

She seriously cracks me up!

ride a horse to Boston

In honor of the Boston Marathon today, here is Lydia enjoying her horse ride to Boston. She thinks this is one of the funniest things ever.

Ride a horse to Boston. Ride a horse to Lynn. Be careful little girl that you don't. fall. in!

She even has a front flip dismount. It's quite impressive.

baby shower II

Today was another baby shower for my first and only nephew via my sister-in-law, Lauren. Here is the glowing mama. Doesn't she look fan-tabulous?

Since Lydia was spending quality time with her daddy instead of joining me at the shower, I had two free hands and was able to focus on taking photos. When Lauren opened cloth diapers, some people made disgusted looks when she said she'd be using cloth diapers. I refrained from giggling and hid behind my camera.

Here is Lauren opening my gift. Somehow I didn't take a picture of the gift. I made a sling, matching burp cloths, and a giraffe rattle. It was fun to make them, but I love to see people being able to practically use things I've made. Stay tuned for photos of Ryler in the sling this summer - assuming he likes it in there anyway. =)

This is one of my favorite baby items - the ERGO carrier. (Lydia was actually napping in the ERGO with Aaron today.) Now we can be ERGO twins. Or Ryan and Aaron can be ERGO twins. Funny sto…

nervous . . .

. . . or perhaps teething?

sideways sleeping

"Because I like to sleep sideways with my feet propped against the wall, Mama." - Lydia

Oh, and go Phillies.

the lower lip

When Lydia's lower lip starts to pucker out, look out. It's really quite pitiful but also hilarious and completely adorable. It's a common sight when too many new faces start paying attention to her or I've neglected to acknowledge her constant chatter as her telling me she's hungry.

In this case, she was hungry.

Phillies season opener

On Monday, the Phillies traveled to Washington, D.C. for their season opener. We do not watch television during the day, but Lydia had to learn some baseball - particularly the starting lineup of the Phillies. She was very attentive (probably because any time the television is on, she turns into a zombie).

Not to waste an opportunity, I used her zombie-like state to my advantage and clipped her fingernails and toenails.

Monday is the Phillies' home opener. Anyone going?


Yesterday, Lydia and I hopped on the Northeast Extension to have lunch with some of Aaron's extended family. After lunch, we spent some time at Aaron's Great-Grammy's apartment. It's not too common for many people to even know great-grandparents, so getting time with a great-great-grandparent is a rare blessing. I think they both had fun.

At one point, we were discussing child care, and Great-Grammy told us how she handled the kids. Living on a farm in a small farming community in southeastern Pennsylvania, she'd bring a blanket out under the tree. She'd put the kids (she had four) on the blanket, hop on the tractor, and mow the field. She'd check in on them, fix the crying and the fighting, and then hop back on the tractor and keep mowing.

Hilarious. I love hearing stories like this. Great-Grammy has tons of them. Lydia is blessed to hear them even if she doesn't remember them.

Maggie Taggie

Lydia's Nana gave Lydia a little doll in her Easter basket. The doll has "taggies" - folds of ribbon for chewing and fingering. Lydia thoroughly enjoys the "taggies," and one day, probably while I was caught up in some rhyming song I was creating, "Maggie Taggie" emerged. Thus, Maggie Taggie she is - at least until Lydia talks and renames her. For now, Maggie Taggie is apparently quite delicious.

meal planning

I'm stuck in a rut with my meal planning. I try new recipes quite frequently, but some of my recent attempts haven't been quite as tasty as I'd hoped. I've tried multiple recipes from P-Dub. (If you've never read this woman's musings, you should check her out. She's quite hilarious, and she writes about much more than just cooking, too.) Some of my attempts do not turn out as beautiful as hers, but others are fantastic. I made her (well, Sigrid's) carrot cake last week, and my sister almost refused to eat it because she "hates" carrot cake. We finally convinced her to try it, and she claimed to actually like it. I also made Pastor Ryan's (a contributer on the Pioneer Woman cooking blog) chicken tikki masala for my friend, Ashley, who spent her summer in India. I thought it was delicious but had no idea as to the authenticity of its taste. Ashley said it tasted just like India and was ready to sit Indian-style on the floor for dinner.


fun on the farm . . . ?

We headed out to my parent's for Easter dinner. Since our travel revolves around Lydia's nap schedule, we arrived before everyone was home from church. It was a beautiful day, so we headed outside. Contrary to what you may see in the pictures, my parents live in a development, but their property backs up to an old farm. Their backyard meets up with a field which hosts a barn and horses. The horses are quite friendly, so when they saw us outside, they trotted over to say hello.

Then we showed Lydia her Uncle Ryan's out of control strawberry patch. (Long story as to why there are strawberries growing abundantly along the side of the house. Basically, it involves my brother's love for a woman who loves strawberries.)

After a nap, Lydia was excited to show everyone how she loves to stand.

Happy Easter!

livin' the life

Saturday relaxing after completing some tasks. What could be better?

He is risen.

He is risen indeed.

Easter eggs: done!

Hooray for decorating Easter eggs! I missed most of the festivities as I was in the midst of Lydia's bedtime routine, but they saved me some eggs to decorate (and even some enthusiasm).

There was apparently some debate regarding ingredients with assembling the egg dye while I was off feeding Lydia. Things realized: Big Guy is an egg decorating pro; teachers should really be able to read directions. Thanks for decorating eggs with me!

found it

In recent days, Lydia has found her thumb. It's quickly become a familiar friend - especially at nap time. When she's going to sleep, she'll have her thumb in her mouth, and her other four fingers pressed against her face as if to help close her eyes. At this stage - and as the biased mama - it's ridiculously cute.