running buddy

The sun has returned! The clouds are gone, and spring is right around the corner. We stopped by Fairmont Park after visiting the dentist in New Jersey for a run in the beautiful sunshine. Lydia is my running buddy/coach. She keeps track of my splits and makes sure I stay hydrated.

At the end of the run, she wanted to run up the Art Museum steps like Rocky, but I told her I wasn't up for it today. She's in better shape than I am. I tend to hold her back. She settled for a picture with the Art Museum in the background. Lydia can't even be seen in the picture; we'll have to get a better one next time.

I know Rocky ran from the Italian Market to the Art Museum, but he wasn't pushing a stroller, and he didn't have to run back to the Italian Market when he was finished. We're working up to that 6-mile loop . . .