rolling over

Today I have a guest blogger - my daughter, Lydia. She's four months old now and is working out a contract to be a frequent guest blogger here. (Good thing she already knows a lawyer.)

- - - 

Would you like to see my new development?

Mama, will you please move that bag for me?

Oh, Mom! You missed it.

I'll do it again, but please have your camera ready this time, Mama.

Ready? Here I go!


Hey, this arm is in my way.

You want me to do what? Roll the other way? Sorry - I only want to roll one way right now.


  1. She is so talented and what a face!

  2. We knew our GGDaughter would be talented - she came from talented parents, grandparents and great-grand parents!!!!
    GGP & GGM Coyle


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