high chair

Lydia will be ready to sit at the table with us before we know it (instead of on the table in her Bumbo as she currently does). Over the summer we discovered a high chair in the attic of Aaron's grandparents. Since we're almost ready to use it now, we brought it home with us last weekend. It's one of those old, skinny high chairs with the metal tray. I could call it "vintage," and then it would suddenly sound cool and expensive.

Lydia cannot quite sit up in it on her own. I am propping her up so that she does not slide out the bottom. (Do not worry; I'll be making a strap to fix that problem. There's a spot for it on the chair, but the original strap is MIA.)

We'll see how long it takes Lydia to learn how loud she can be by pounding and clanging on a metal tray. No need to help her along; I'm sure she'll learn on her own.

The exposure on this shot is bad, but, well, it's just amusing.


  1. You both look a little unsure about the entire thing. One thing that is extremely clear, you have the same shaped eyes.

  2. Lydia,
    When are you coming to Nashville to visit? I kinda can't stand how stinking cute you are and the face that I am not getting to see you.

  3. Love the vintage high chair! We found my old suitcase at my parents' house last weekend and brought it home for Emily. She loves it! Maybe it can be considered "vintage" when she gives it to her daughter?!


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