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sit, stand, fly

On Saturday, Lydia's Pop-Pop and Nana came to visit. Fortunately for everyone, Lydia had just awoken from a nap, had a fresh diaper on her bum, and had a belly full of milk. She was ever ready to play.

Pop-Pop brought daffodils fresh from the garden.

Lydia loves to stand. (I'm sure she will soon refuse her bouncy seat, and I will have to discover a new method for taking showers.)

She also loves to fly.

Easter eggs

Who wants to dye some Easter eggs with me?

Holy Week

It is Holy Week. Though, as I told Aaron last night, I am not feeling very Holy Week-ish.

Last night at our church plant gathering, a fellow mom shared with two of us about her frustrating day. She shared something that resonated very loudly with my soul when she shared of her struggle during the Sunday morning service. (I will summarize the jist of what she said in the first person because it’s easier.)

- - - During the worship, I wanted to cry out in my frustration and let the tears flow. But the church being what it is, it’s more conservative and reverent, and I do not feel free to weep and wail whether they be tears of frustration or tears of joy. It’s like I couldn’t release what was on my heart. - - -

She didn’t conclude that the tradition of worship practiced at this church is right or wrong, but she definitely shared a struggle that I have wrestled ever since our move from Nashville to Philadelphia.

My last Sunday at our church in Nashville – Midtown Fellowship – Aaron wasn’t …

granola bars?

Trader Joe's has stopped carrying my favorite granola bars.

They told me it was a supply issue that hasn't yet been resolved. Is this a local dilemma, or is the Nashville Trader Joe's experiencing the same absence?


Guest blogger: Lydia.
- - -
What are these?

Mama, may I play with these?

Mmm, they're so delicious!

March Madness

My bracket is hanging on by a thread. I only have one team left, and I have that team winning it all. Seven of my Elite Eight are gone (and the Sweet Sixteen games aren't even over yet). My younger (not youngest) brother manages the family pool, and it's been rough to trash talk in his email updates when some folks have none of their Final Four teams remaining. He always pulls through, though. He's clutch like that.

Nonetheless, Lydia is still cheering during the games (and whenever else she feels like it - most notably at two o'clock in the morning).


Fresh from the bath tub and ready for the day.


On Sunday, we returned to Washington Square where we kept Lydia hopping from one activity to the next.



Chatting on the blanket.



Aaron joined Lydia and me at the playground over the weekend. (Aaron captured some moments that will prove I was around some of the time during Lydia's first few months.)

visiting work

Lydia stopped to visit her daddy at work the other day. After a quick lunch with him outside, we headed inside to check out his office.

On our walk, we stopped for a swing at the park before heading home for a nap.


The weekend is over, but we enjoyed the beautiful weather by playing outdoors as much as possible. Once again, rain is on the way tomorrow, so I'll attempt to tackle that cleaning thing. Lydia is loving her fingers in her mouth almost constantly. I wonder if there are any teeth on their way?

first day of spring

When Lydia wakes up from her first nap, we're going to play outside. We may also try to walk by a Rita's Water Ice for some free water ice since it's the first day of spring. I'm imagining the line will be winding down the street, but maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised. Lydia is pretending her hand is some water ice. Yum.

gorgeous winter day

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, so it's technically still winter, right? The local news told me the weather here has been warmer than central Florida. I'll have to check with my snow bird grandparents to confirm this. Meanwhile, Lydia and I have been frequenting various parks throughout the day (to ensure adequate Vitamin D intake, of course).

Today we wandered over to Washington Square after enjoying our time there yesterday.

Yesterday we sat on a bench. Today we brought a blanket and sat in the grass. Hello, adorable arm rolls.

Yesterday we tried out a slide at Seger Park, but I couldn't take a picture and slide her simultaneously. Maybe when Aaron comes along to the park, we'll be able to show all the action.

rolling over

Today I have a guest blogger - my daughter, Lydia. She's four months old now and is working out a contract to be a frequent guest blogger here. (Good thing she already knows a lawyer.)

- - - 
Would you like to see my new development?

Mama, will you please move that bag for me?

Oh, Mom! You missed it.

I'll do it again, but please have your camera ready this time, Mama.

Ready? Here I go!

Hey, this arm is in my way.

You want me to do what? Roll the other way? Sorry - I only want to roll one way right now.

St Patrick's Day

You can't pinch us today.

running buddy

The sun has returned! The clouds are gone, and spring is right around the corner. We stopped by Fairmont Park after visiting the dentist in New Jersey for a run in the beautiful sunshine. Lydia is my running buddy/coach. She keeps track of my splits and makes sure I stay hydrated.

At the end of the run, she wanted to run up the Art Museum steps like Rocky, but I told her I wasn't up for it today. She's in better shape than I am. I tend to hold her back. She settled for a picture with the Art Museum in the background. Lydia can't even be seen in the picture; we'll have to get a better one next time.

I know Rocky ran from the Italian Market to the Art Museum, but he wasn't pushing a stroller, and he didn't have to run back to the Italian Market when he was finished. We're working up to that 6-mile loop . . .


Who needs toys when you have fingers?

not yet a sports fan

Lydia and I went to Aunt Rachel's lacrosse game on Thursday afternoon. We took the R5 (a train) to Glenside and hiked up a rather significant incline from the train station to Arcadia's campus. Google maps told me it was 0.8 miles, but it didn't warn me that it was all uphill. City walking in Philadelphia is mostly flat walking. I'm not used to hill walking anymore; I'm a city girl these days. =)

Apparently Lydia is a city girl, too. We walk all over the city with sirens screaming and vehicles honking and people hollering, and Lydia doesn't flinch. We get to the lacrosse game, and a whistle blows and fans cheer, and Lydia bursts into tears. (This also happened last Saturday during the Villanova basketball game, when my brothers jumped up from the couch and cheered wildly and loudly at the television.) I guess she's not a sports fan yet. Maybe we'll have to wait till later in the season for a Phillies game . . .

Lydia woke up on the train ride home after…

buy one get one

Sometimes, it's the simple things. I love good deals on yummy food.

This was last Friday, though, so don't make a special trip based on this photo. Plus, it's raining cats and dogs out there. I'm staying put.

Bonus points if you can tell which grocery store this is.

his story - not mine

Abraham lied about Sarah being his sister when she was, in fact, his wife (Genesis 20:2).
Isaac (Abraham's son) lied about Rebekah being his sister when she was, in fact, his wife (Genesis 26:7).

Sarah grew impatient with her inability to have children and insisted her husband, Abraham, sleep with her servant to give her a baby (Genesis 16:2).
Rachel grew impatient with her inability to have children and insisted her husband, Jacob (Abraham's grandson), sleep with her servant to give her a baby (Genesis 30:1-8).
Leah grew impatient with her inability to have more (she already had four) children and insisted her husband, Jacob (Abraham's grandson), sleep with her servant to give her a baby (Genesis 30:9-13).

I'll come back to this in one second.

The other day, I received an email update form my college friend who currently resides in Sudan where he teaches at a Sudanese school. In his update he wrote, "This may seem overly simple, but the idea is so profound and so…


Monday and Tuesday were both bright, sunshiny days. On Monday, we went to a park to introduce Lydia to the swings. I think she liked it well enough. She was born in November, so she is just getting to know this bright thing called the sun. Right now all she knows is how it causes her to blink a lot when going outdoors.

On Tuesday, we hiked all over town, including a visit to the central library for story time. That library is over by Aaron's office, so hopefully we'll get to meet him for lunch sometimes. He wasn't available this week, but Lydia found a nice bench right by his office for next time. (That's his building in the background - the taller one.)

Now we're set for a rainy weekend. Good thing we got outside for some vitamin D while we could!

high chair

Lydia will be ready to sit at the table with us before we know it (instead of on the table in her Bumbo as she currently does). Over the summer we discovered a high chair in the attic of Aaron's grandparents. Since we're almost ready to use it now, we brought it home with us last weekend. It's one of those old, skinny high chairs with the metal tray. I could call it "vintage," and then it would suddenly sound cool and expensive.

Lydia cannot quite sit up in it on her own. I am propping her up so that she does not slide out the bottom. (Do not worry; I'll be making a strap to fix that problem. There's a spot for it on the chair, but the original strap is MIA.)

We'll see how long it takes Lydia to learn how loud she can be by pounding and clanging on a metal tray. No need to help her along; I'm sure she'll learn on her own.

The exposure on this shot is bad, but, well, it's just amusing.