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frame of reference

My sister loves to abbreviate, or in her words, "abbrev" (pronounced ah-breev) which got me to thinking about acronyms and the hilarity of them.

I had a history teacher in high school who had a frame on his chalkboard containing a print out with the words "frame of reference." He'd write WASP when we were talking about White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and then say, "No, the big insect that stings you. What are you guys talking about?" And then immediately fire his famous "frame of reference" one liner. (Being a military veteran, he also taught us the important FUBAR and SNAFU terms, but we'll keep this blog PG.) I had this teacher for the first three periods of my day during my sophomore year with the third period being a study hall, so I endured his "frame of reference" remarks for my entire morning. I am not sure what I learned in American history that year (sorry, Mr. M), but I still wish I could duplicate that cream of wild mu…


I have a clutter problem. See this? This is my google reader. Those are my starred items - all 215 of them.

They are sewing patterns or recipes or other do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials. I have to organize them and neatly save them as PDFs in my sewing folder. That's a cluttered mess, too, as is my inbox as is the dresser in my room. I hate clutter.

Instead of telling you how much I hate this clutter, I'm going to go work on "de-cluttering" on this snowy Thursday. (Yes, there's more snow here in Philadephia.)

Is it spring yet? Lydia and I are sporting some spring tops to scare away the snow and usher in some spring weather, but it's not working. You can't see her cute top too well, but she's sleeping. I don't want to wake her. =)

40 days of water

Although it's already started, Blood:Water Mission puts on its 40 Days of Water campaign at this time every year. If you're not familiar with Blood:Water Mission, I encourage you to check them out here and consider joining them  in making water your only beverage for forty days.

Big Guy's birthday

Somehow, I lost the end of my post yesterday which wished a happy birthday to my dad.

Nonetheless, Happy Birthday, Dad (and to Big Guy from Lydia)!

Yes, Big Guy. As my brother Derek wrote yesterday:
"For those who haven't been around my family very often, the nickname 'Big Guy' may seem strange and possible irreverent. Truth be told, it started in high school when we started playing Saturday morning basketball together. Given his 6'2" stature and my 5'7" frame, I naturally used him as my 'big guy' on the court. From there it grew into my unofficial name for him both on and off the court. Plus his arms still swallow me up whenever we embrace or partake in our historic wrestling ritual. He is both literally and figuratively the Big Guy."

Yes, my dad is 6'2" for my Nashville friends who have never met him and know that I stand a whole foot shorter than he.

Sorry again, Big Guy, for the belated posting. We love you!

boob tube

If the television is on, Lydia wants to see it. It must be the bright lights and colors. While watching the Olympics this weekend, we tried to position her so that she couldn't easily see the television, but she'd wiggle and strain and twist to be able to see it.

It was only worse if we actually sat her up and let her face it. Lydia! Hey, Lydia! Look over here!

It really is a boob tube. No more television for this baby. =)

weather envy

I hear there's warm weather (60s) and sunshine in Nashville. I may be just a little bit jealous. =)

sniffle, cheer, laugh

Lydia (or maybe more like Mommy and Daddy) reached a huge milestone last night and into this morning: Lydia moved out of the cradle by our bed and across the hall into her crib. She slept there all night all by herself. Sniffle. (Sniffle that she moved. Cheering that she's contending for an Olympic gold medal in sleeping through the night.)

Speaking of the Olympics, loved this post by my brother. Forgot to share it with you a few days ago. As I commented on his post, I think the USA skiers' snowsuits look like pajama pants. (And, no, sweet shade-blind brothers, they're not purple.)

Before I forget, little baby of our pastor friend was discharged to home from the hospital last night. Hooray! Hooray! Thank you for your prayers, and please continue them as their family readjusts to being a family of seven under the same roof once again.

This morning, I attempted to capture Lydia's smiling and laughing faces, but every time I held the camera to my face to focus, she'd …


I have arrived to Genesis 24 where Abraham sends his servant to bring home a wife for Isaac. The servant prays to God very specifically about how to find this chosen woman (vs 12-14): "Then he prayed, 'O Lord, God of my master Abraham, give me success today, and show kindness to my master Abraham. See I am standing beside this spring, and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw water. May it be that when I say to a girl, 'Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,' and she says, 'Drink, and I'll water your camels too' - let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. By this I will know that you have shown kindness to my master."
Indeed, a girl (Rebekah) does just this and runs home to share these things with her family - mother, father (Bethuel), and brother (Laban). Upon hearing the story (vs 50-51), "Laban and Bethuel answered, 'This is from the Lord; we can say nothing to you one way or the other. Here is …

blueberry eyes

When visiting our neighbors one day last week, Jim (a neighbor) complimented her "blueberry eyes."

Yummy blueberries on this three-month-old. (Yes, three months already. I can't believe it.)

President's Day . . .

. . . has nothing to do with this post.

I think I could munch on those cheeks all day.

it's a marshmallow world in the winter

Things are still a mess around these parts.

The roads (and unshoveled sidewalks) in Philly are mostly packed down snow that starts to melt during the day in the sun but then refreezes at night. It's treacherous. Yesterday walking home from the train station, the roads were gridlocked, bumper to bumper. Thus, we have not used our vehicle since last Friday. We have dug it out but will be leaving it to sit until these streets look better. With another four to eight inches set to arrive tomorrow night, our car may be sitting around till April.

Lydia doesn't mind. She's still smiling.

Land of Nod

While stuck inside with no where to go (and no way to get there anyway), I re-browsed the Land of Nod magazine that came in the mail the other week.

I had perused this catalog already - or so I thought. Somehow I missed this, and I do not know how. Allow me to direct your attention to page sixteen.

Excuse me, what?

Shucks. Land of Nod stole my daughter's name. (Or not. But we really didn't choose our daughter's name from a children's furniture and bedding catalog. Hopefully others don't either.)

grocery shopping: part II

Well, you only had to wait over four months for part II of this tour. You probably forgot that I even told you I'd give you that tour another day. Since there is snow everywhere now, I thought it'd be nice to remember what the sidewalks looked like before mounds of snow separated them from the street.

Here we are in front of the house looking north.

At the end of the street, head west to the stop sign. (Excuse the mess. It was trash day.)

Here we are at the stop sign. You can't see it in this photo, but to your left is Sarcone's Deli which has the most amazing sandwiches - or so I hear. Aaron's eaten one, but I haven't yet. Why? Good question. I do not know. Now I cross the street and head north to the next stop sign.

Through that fence is Palumbo Playground. Frequently in the fall (and I assume the spring and summer) are many sports leagues that use the field there. Last fall I saw football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. There is also a playground (hence the n…

Really? More snow?

More snow is on the way. It should be arriving within the next few hours and continuing all day tomorrow into the wee hours of Thursday morning. We only need 9.3 inches here in Philadelphia to break the record for the snowiest winter. They're calling for 10-18 inches here in the city (or 14-20 - I can't tell on the map). What do you think? (Thank you nbcphiladelphia for the photo. Am I allowed to use this photo on my blog?)

Since I have failed to update you, our pastor friend's littlest child is still at the hospital, but she is out of intensive care and remains admitted as she finishes IV medication treatment. If I remember correctly, she should be heading home the end of next week. Please keep them all in your prayers as they survive day-to-day without their normal routine of Mom being at home.

When I was there the first night of their hospital visit, their fourth child (who used to be the baby) was having a tough time. She joined me and Lydia in bed when Aaron left for …

gdiapers: still my diaper system of choice

Following up to my ridiculously long post on diapers and for anyone wondering, I'm sticking with my gdiapers and glfapper inserts for the day and my Bum Genius 3.0 One-Size with gflapper inserts overnight. I enjoyed the diaper trial program. It's not even over yet (I have until February 18th), but I'm sending them back this week so I can get my refund to buy my medium gdiapers and gflappers before Lydia grows out of these smalls.

I won't bore you with my opinions of all the diapers. Feel free to ask or email me for my opinion twenty times a day (like my favorite cloth diaper researcher currently does - love it).

I really wanted to love the Gro Baby, but it leaked every time for Lydia. According to reviews, I am not alone in this problem. It works for some and not for others. I guess I am an other. I did, however, love the Dream-Eze which didn't leak a drop overnight. Oddly enough, Gro Baby and Dream-Eze are made by the same company, but one couldn't hold for a…

super bowl extra large intravenous

(I stole the super bowl XLIV = extra large intravenous from my brother, but Ryan, why the therapy? I see no "T.")

Lydia is excited and hoping for a good game.

She also thinks that's hilarious. (Not sure what "that" is, but it's hilarious nonetheless.)

lots of snow

The snow came overnight . . .

. . . and is still coming!

Naturally, =) we bundled up our baby and brought her out to experience this historic snowfall.

I am pretty sure she could have cared less. =)


Think there's snow coming?

Fortunately, I do not purchase my milk at the SuperFresh because it is too heavy to carry a few blocks when there is a Rite Aid right at the end of my street.

And look who was arriving to Rite Aid the same time as me!

(For you out-of-towners, Rosenbergers is the local dairy.)

We are now prepared for this Nor'easter set to deliver twelve to sixteen inches of white fluffy snow. And this time (unlike last time), we're moving our car today to a more traveled street in the hopes of being able to get it out before March.

Completely unrelated, this is a typical Lydia face found upon awaking from a good nap or upon finishing a good meal. Tons of smiles leave us to wonder what her giggle will sound like when she learns to laugh.


I wonder what she's watching.

thumb sucking?

Who needs a pacifier when you have a whole handful of fingers from which to choose? Lydia is always mixing up the finger sucking combination - all but the pointer or all but the pinky and sometimes it's simply her whole fist. Yet, I've never caught her sucking her thumb. I wonder if she even knows she has a thumb.


Did I forget to tell you? Baby Ryler is a HE!

Apparently, I forgot to tell Lydia, too. She looks a little caught off guard.

(Leah, this outfit is funny. The shirt still fits great, but those cute striped pants are long gone. I think the pants were always too small to begin with even while the shirt was still huge. White pants aren't as colorful nor cute, but it's all she had to match. Still loving the shirt nonetheless! =)