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caution: watch for gate arm

This sign makes me laugh out loud when I see it, so I thought I'd share.

what's up?

Just checking some email and catching up on the news.

five kids

Yesterday, I stepped into the shoes of a mother with five children when our friends (who is also our church plant pastor) had to bring their fifth and youngest to the hospital. I just got home from their house this afternoon, and I am tired. =) I'm not used to having five children (four of theirs plus my one), and I don't think Lydia is used to four older siblings - though she handled it all like a champ. Their youngest is still hanging out in the NICU at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) but doing well while waiting for test results. Please keep them in your prayers.

Their dad was very excited for a UPS delivery to arrive today, so here's the picture we texted him upon its arrival.

Oh, what's in the envelope? Phillies season tickets, of course!

gdiapers: my two cents

This page has been updated and can be found here. Feel free to read this post, but please know that some of the links and information are not accurate anymore. =)

- - -

A couple of you have asked about the gdiapers. Others of you want some more information for your own baby's bums. Thus, I have put together this very lengthy post with my $0.02 (for what it is worth). If you don't have any babies and could care less about this, don't worry. I won't be posting about diapers frequently because that's why diaper blogs exist. I found others' experience to be the best teacher in my cloth diapering journey, so perhaps my experience will help one of you on your journey as well. =) Warning: this entry may contain mention of bodily fluids (mainly baby poo).

First off, if you're considering cloth diapering, I think I recommend this from Jillian's Drawers.

I say "I think" instead of "I surely do" because my "Changing Diapers, Changing Minds&…


Yesterday, Ryan and Lauren had their 20-week ultrasound. Baby Ryler (as the baby is referred) is a healthy growing baby! Isn't he/she cute?

So . . . can babies look alike on ultrasound? Check out that nose compared to Lydia's nose at 20 weeks.

Here's another one of Rlyer.

Can you tell they're cousins? =)


It is a dreary, rainy, flood-watch day here in Philadelphia. I have been (slowly) wading my way through the book of Genesis in my devotions. Hilariously enough, today, I arrived to chapter nine where God establishes his covenant with Noah promising to never destroy the whole earth again with a flood. God gave a sign of this covenant: a rainbow. I think this is the first covenant mentioned in the Bible. I am fascinated and intrigued by covenant theology and am excited for how God will reveal himself to me as I study through this first book of the Bible. I even broke out the red pen to track these covenants God makes with his people.

We are reading Lydia a Bible storybook as part of her bedtime routine. It's interesting to hear a storybook version versus the Scriptures. It's also a good reminder to me that while the books out there to supplement my understanding of God's Word are exceptional (i.e. Frederick Buechner's Telling the Truth), it is still vitally important to …

niece or nephew

Back in early November, we had dinner at my parents' house with my brother, Ryan, and sister-in-law, Lauren. Ryan insisted that this was a birthday celebration for Aaron and Ryan (who share October birthdays) and that our presence was mandatory.

Ryan and Lauren gave us a present for the baby. Our baby at that time was still in-utero and was called "the neph" by Ryan as he was convinced the baby was a boy. When I opened the gift . . .

. . . I was more confused by the crossed-off "brother" wondering if somehow my brother knew what the sex of our baby was when we didn't. Then I was wondering, "Well, I guess of course the baby will be the big cousin because there aren't any other cousins yet." I obviously wasn't getting it. Then, with a little prodding from Ryan and Lauren, I think my mom got it. In order to be the big cousin, there has to be a little cousin. Yes, Ryan and Lauren will be giving Lydia her first cousin sometime around June 16th.…

100th post

This is my 100th post since my blog's birth back in July. Congratulations if you've been reading this blog since the beginning. =)

I put Lydia on my computer the other day to provide her a firm surface off of which to push. I put a picture on Facebook, and while Apple endorsement wasn't my intention, the comments provided me some amusement.
"Are you teaching her early to be a Mac fan?"
"Go Apple!"

bucking bronco bumbo

My friend in Nashville gave me her retired Bumbo chair. We tried it out for the first time this week. Lydia loves it. I captured this first photo with my phone and texted it to Aaron at work on Wednesday. His response: "Looks like she's riding a bucking bronco!"

There she is: our little rodeo star in her Bumbo.

You Can Always Come Home To Me

If you didn't know, Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson also produce tunes for kids. I have yet to purchase this album for Lydia, but on the website, you can hear a couple tunes form the CD. I love this lullaby. (I sing it to Lydia even more than the Sesame Street moon song. Plus, the lyrics are so much sweeter.)

You Can Always Come Home To Me

I love you today, and I love you tomorrow.
I love you as deep as the sea.
I love you in joy, and I love you in sorrow.
You can always come home to me.

There once was a man
Who found him a treasure
Buried out under a tree.
He sold all he had
Just to own it forever.
That treasure is you, you see.

I love you today, and I love you tomorrow.
I love you as deep as the sea.
I love you in joy, and I love you in sorrow.
You can always come home to me.

There once were some sheep
Safe on the farm.
One little lamb got loose.
The shepherd went out
And carried it home.
Well, that little lamb is you.

I love you today, and I love you tomorrow.
I love you a…

Wordless Wednesday


PHun in PHilly

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with our friends this weekend! They arrived via Southwest on Saturday, and we introduced them to cannolis for dessert that evening.

Unfortunately, it poured on Sunday. We ventured out, but it wasn't particularly enjoyable to walk Philadelphia in the rain.

Thus, Matt was unable to run up the Rocky steps of the Art Museum this trip. (No problem. He'll just have to come back again.) The fog was so dense that the top of City Hall wasn't even visible while driving down Broad Street.

When the sun returned on Monday (without a single cloud tagging along), we did a whirlwind tour of cheesesteak sampling at Geno's . . .

. . . then Pat's . . .

. . . and historical sites admiring. . .

. . . before returning them to the airport.

Lydia, also, enjoyed their visit. (And why, you ask, is Lydia's onesie hanging out over her pants? I haven't the faintest idea. Poor child must have strange parents.)

We are thankful for time with great friends an…

cleaning for company

I did it. I cleaned my house for the first time since Lydia was born. (Fortunately, my house has been cleaned in the past two months by helpful mothers, and I've kept up with the sweeping away of the dust bunnies who favor clustering under my bed for all to see on the way up the stairs to the bathroom. I suppose having only one bathroom and it being on the second floor is good motivation to sweep away the dust bunnies, at least.)

It took me this whole past week to clean, but I did it. Monday I cleaned the bathroom. Tuesday I dusted. You get the idea.

It didn't hurt that I had good motivation to clean: our friends are coming to visit! Last year we went to visit them when they were in Colorado. This year, they're coming to us where we will introduce them to the City of Brotherly Love. (Maybe one year, we'll both actually go somewhere together besides each other's house. Until then, this works well.) Last year, during our visit, we went ice climbing. This year, Rachel…

two months old (in two days)

Today is Lydia's two-month well visit - two days shy of being two-months-old.

Remember when Lydia looked like this?

And then two days later she looked like this?

And now she looks like this!

Has it really been almost two months? Wow. =)

And on a totally unrelated topic - Haiti. No sense in rewriting the wheel when he's already said it so well.

eyelash comparison

I think Lydia's eyelashes really are growing or multiplying or thickening. It's not just my imagination.

This photo was taken December 18th.

This photo was taken January 8th.

Although, in that picture she appears to be bald which would be false advertising.

first bottle

Last week I pumped for the first time, and Aaron gave Lydia her first bottle. She looked at him quizzically but had no problem figuring out how to get the breastmilk from the bottle to her belly.

new job

Since moving to Philadelphia, we have become involved with a new church plant in South Philly. The plant is in the very early stages, and our church planting team just recently starting meeting on Sunday evenings. With those meetings, there are approximately 30 kids that need care. Thus, I have a new job. I was asked to coordinate the ministry for the children with the church plant. For now, this entails creating and executing a program on Sunday evenings. As we go forward with planting a church, this job will evolve and change constantly as we adapt the programs to bring the gospel to the children of South Philly. For now, it’s a program to help our own kids experience Jesus while the parents meet downstairs. Fortunately, I have some amazing partners in this. I bring the coordinating and administrative piece while others bring the creative ideas for working with children experience. It is a healthy amount of work, but I am excited. I am probably more excited by looking back at how Go…


Lydia loves bath time with Daddy. She will smile the whole time . . . well, until her head gets wet.