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sleeping Lydia

Lydia loves to worm her way into cozy positions while relaxing with her daddy. This was her position of choice this morning.

This is actually where she sleeps at night - in a cradle by our bed. (She's upside down in the cradle in this photo.) We just learned that Lydia is the fifth generation to use this cradle. Her daddy, nana, great-nanny, and great-great-bami all slept in this cradle, too. Pretty awesome!

aunts and uncles and grandparents

Lydia wanted to show off her Thanksgiving outfit because it's not pink, but it's still girl.

Also, Lydia met all of her aunts and uncles in the past week (in order of meeting):

And of course there are the proud grandparents.

happy thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but may I be reminded to be thankful on the days in between that may not be so great.

Awesome wall art, by the way. Check her out.

baby activity logger

I downloaded this iphone app the other day: baby activity logger. It is pretty great for something that keeps track of bodily fluids involving babies.

Today we spent the day with my mom, Nonna (the Italian word for grandmother), mostly traveling to doctor appointments and learning how to launder these gdiapers. Lydia is already 7 ounces over her birth weight; she gained 10 ounces since Friday. I do not want to embarrass her by discussing her weight on the world wide web, so that's enough said for now. She looked pretty great sporting a new outfit and blanket from two of Aaron's coworkers and these sweet shoes from Adrienne (aka A-drizzle).

She just finished eating, so I'm taking advantage of Big Guy (my dad) and Nonna hanging out downstairs with Lydia for me to take a nap! Zzzzz . . .

gdiaper debut

Today was the first day for Lydia in cloth diapers - gdiapers. No mishaps to report. Her little "gbum" likes them thus far. My mother-in-law, Lydia's Nana (sounds like the "onna" in "Donna" not the "nana" in "banana"), spent the day with us, so she helped us in the gdiaper debut.

And since a picture of a diapered bum is no where near as exciting as a baby face, here's Lydia snuggling with her daddy on Sunday morning.

Yes, the girl needs more "girly" clothes. (Not pink necessarily. Just flowers instead of animals or green stripes.) We're working on it! I can't walk to the consignment shop yet - too many blocks - and I cannot drive yet either. Hopefully next week!

living in the moment

I’m back to this theme of living in the moment. The freedom to just be in situations. Fig tree freedom.

With a newborn at home and recovering from a surgery I wasn’t necessarily expecting, I am ordered to rest and just be. My stair use is limited to one flight per day. Living in a city row home where the kitchen is on the first floor, and the bathroom is on the second floor, this demands that I rely on others to help me as I am often “stranded” on the second floor far away from the kitchen. (If you know me, you know much I love to eat. Now I’m breastfeeding. I really love to eat. =) I must rely on my husband to help me by handling tasks around the house – laundry, meals, etc. Since he has to go back to work for these few days before Thanksgiving, I will be relying on various family members (moms and siblings) to handle “DD” (Danielle Duty as my brother and sister called it) over the next three days. I am thankful for their help, but, sometimes, it is also hard to accept help. Aaron ge…

she is here!

The blog is a little behind real life, but Lydia is here. She arrived on Monday. Welcome, sweet baby. My husband is smitten. We are in love with our favorite person in the world.

Christmas decorations?

Before anyone panics at that photo thinking that I have decorated for Christmas, it was from Christmas last year.

I have strict beliefs =) that Christmas music and Christmas decor should not emerge until after Thanksgiving. Do not misunderstand me; I love Christmas season. I love decorating and putting up the tree. (Of course it's a real tree! Having a fake tree versus a real tree is an issue that I recommend engaged couples resolve before marriage, but that's another topic . . . =) Anyway, I also thoroughly love and enjoy Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving dinner. (I hope this baby comes before Thanksgiving just so I can have more room to eat all that delicious food!) Sometimes I feel bad for Thanksgiving as it seems to be overlooked in all the Christmas hype. Thus, the Christmas boxes do not come out to play until after Thanksgiving in this house. Not to mention, the real tree would die if I put it up so early in November.

However, I do have friends that claim their love for …

Big Mama & Big Daddy

It is a damp dreary day here in Philadelphia, and I have a cold. I'm about ready to watch some prime time TV on snuggled up in my bed. (Yes, I know what DVR is. No, we do not have it. =) I was given firm instructions from my husband to relax and rest. Of course, I can find 53 other things to do than sit still. Also, Friday is usually grocery shopping day, and I didn't go last week. We definitely needed food, and I avoid grocery stores on Saturdays and Sundays because that's apparently when 90% of the population goes grocery shopping. So this morning I went out quickly to accomplish the grocery task. Plus, I needed some vegetables to make myself some chicken noodle soup. The soup is done (and delicious), and I plan to eat it whenever I'm hungry all day long.

During my trek down 9th Street, I passed these in a butcher shop window and found them quite hilarious.

I wonder where Big Mama and Big Daddy will be for Thanksgiving. Those things were huge!


With everything going on surrounding our (already) apparently uncooperative unborn child, God shows me his peace. I am not worried about the next day as he is providing me everything I need for today. Again, God is stretching me to live in the present and not worry. (The running theme of this calendar year for me, it seems.) There is much about which I could worry, and as a parent, there will be plenty of things that will try to worry me. Hopefully, this time of learning to trust and take rest in what God is doing – even when I do not quite understand what he is doing – will be encouraging and helpful to me in the future, especially as a parent. What a blessing this peace is, and I thank my Jesus for loving me so tenderly with it.

lens love

My gracious cousin has let me borrow his camera lens - a 50 mm AF 1.4. I am in love. It does not auto focus on my camera because my camera is not cool enough, but nonetheless, I love it. I figured I needed to trial it before convincing my husband that it's worth the cost. He still isn't convinced and probably never will be. That's okay. I will hope that Santa brings it to me this year.

reusable bags?

To my lovely blog readers, please participate in my very unofficial survey. Seriously. Leave your response as a comment.

Do you use reusable bags? They do not have to be the type pictured below, just any type of bag you might bring to a store with you.

If you do:
Do you use them when you go to Walmart, Target, and/or the grocery store?
Do you use them when you go shopping elsewhere (department stores, malls, etc.)?

If you do not:
Do you intend to bring them but either leave them in the car or at home?
Do you rely on needing the plastic bags for lining trash cans or scooping doggy doo?
Do you have another reason?

Thank you for your participation. I have my reasons for asking, but I cannot divulge them at this time. Soon. Patience.

Sew Mama Sew! 3rd Annual Handmade Holidays

I am having a lot of fun checking out this daily blog: Sew Mama Sew!If you sew and don't follow this blog, you should! It has tons of resources and links to so many fabulous blogs full of creative things to make. It has been on my blog roll for over a year, and I love it!

Speaking of sewing, I'm off to iron some fabric so I can camp out at my sewing machine tomorrow!

missing my "beautiful lengths"

I miss my long hair. Since my senior year of college, I have regularly grown my hair out and then chopped off a ponytail to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. In March 2009. I thought I'd try out a really really short hairstyle. It may have been the first time I cried after a haircut. It kind of grew on me sometimes, but I mostly hated it. Thankfully prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones are helping it grow fast, but we had a long mullet stage that is still working its way out . . . At least my hair is helping someone who is probably missing their hair, too, but for more tragic reasons. That is why I will still donate it again when it's long enough (in many many years at this rate!), but I will not go so short!

Here is me with long hair at my sister's high school lacrosse game back in May 2007 when we were still newlyweds. Hmm, Aaron's hair is kind of long in this picture, too! (By the way, thank you, sister, for letting me wear your sweatshirt here. Forgot to pac…

decor updates

Thanks to Lowe's, HomeGoods, and Pearl Art & Craft Supplies Inc, I have been finally getting some things hung up on the walls without breaking the bank!

Well, this isn't hanging on the wall, but here's my new welcome mat which matches my favorite red door quite nicely!

Here's a view of the downstairs from the doorway. You can see part of my fabric hanging to the left (see close up below). It was a gift from a friend in college. It's from India - perhaps a table runner? I stitched it to a solid fabric which I wrapped around a wood frame like a canvas wrap. It matches the rug and ties in my favorite red door, too! I love the big face clock, too (almost as much as I love HomeGoods, which is where I got it).

Here's the nursery decor update. Fabric squares. I think those are 12x12, but I forget which size I bought.

close up:

Then I made this. Still not quite sure how I feel about it. =)

I used the idea for leaves to tie into the crib bumper fabric, but by the time …

out of control

I have this written down in my notes from a sermon on July 12th: Our need for control is birthed from our broken need for power – to avoid what we fear at all costs.

This baby growing inside of me is challenging my plans. I’ve tried to prepare myself with the need for patience – mentally anticipating my delivery date to be December 7th, two weeks after my 40-week due date of November 24th. As I learned this summer, I want to live in the present, not always looking towards tomorrow and wishing for the next thing. I thought I was doing pretty well at practicing patience and contentment. Well, today, the baby one-upped me, and my control issues are taking center stage. This morning I faced some fears head-on related to this pregnancy, and I initially was frustrated and irritated. This was not going as planned; it was all going directly opposite to all of the plans. Everything I wanted to avoid is now necessary. While sitting in my car and praying through my frustrations, I quickly saw the…