we have a couch!

25 days after moving in, we now have somewhere cozy to sit! For Aaron, this comes after four years of college with no couch in a dorm room and then three years of law school with a saggy futon in an apartment. This couch has been a long time coming!

A little before/after perspective:



a little closer

My younger brother referred us to a furniture warehouse where he and his wife got a great deal on a couch/love-seat for their new home in Harrisburg/Hershey. Thus, we took his advice and checked out Furniture/Rama where we found a couch and chair-and-a half (the love-seat was too big for our space) that we liked. Check out this photo of my younger brother's place.

Apparently, we have similar taste.


  1. love the new couches!!! now i'll have a place to sit when i come visit :)


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