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Fig Tree Freedom: behind the name

Welcome to my blog. I’m sharing it with my husband, so maybe sometimes he’ll post on it, too?

Not sure where to start with developing a blog, but I want to tell you from where the title of my blog came. (Rabbit trail – “blog” is being underlines as misspelled in Microsoft Word as I write this. Crazy.)

Back in May, one of our pastors – Randy – preached about Jesus cursing the fig tree for not bearing fruit in Mark 11. Randy examined the background of the situation. The fig tree was behaving normally. It wasn’t the season for figs. Of course it didn’t have fruit. Randy then asked the question, why did Jesus curse a tree for not doing something it couldn’t do? He then said something that has become the theme of Sunday mornings at Midtown this summer and has wrecked me to the core as I struggle to wrap my mind around its many implications: Jesus came to curse the normal.

This is so rich, and I cannot possibly begin to summarize a summer’s worth of sermons. (If you have a long commute or down…