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five generations

On Christmas Eve, five generations were present and appeared in the same picture. Lydia with her daddy, Pop-Pop, Great-Pop-Pop, and Great-Great-Grammy.

Christmas vacation

When I was in school, the week after Christmas was always a time off from school - Christmas vacation. Since Aaron's been in school up until last spring, Christmas vacation has never ceased to exist for me - though I have had to work at least a few days during it most years. This year, Aaron's mostly working from home, and I'm no longer working. Thus, Christmas vacation is still upon us! Hooray!

On another note, today is Nonna's birthday! Happy Birthday, Nonna! (In case you didn't pick up on it over the past month, three out of Lydia's four grandparents have December birthdays. Impressive.)

Nonna whispering secrets to Lydia on Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

We are excited to celebrate Lydia's first Christmas with our family over the next few days.

Merry Christmas to you!

Big Guy

Yesterday, my dad - Big Guy - came to hang out with us in the afternoon. (My youngest brother always calls my dad "Big Guy" and decided the grandkids will, too.)

Thanks for coming to play, Big Guy! We'll see you again on Christmas!

long winter's nap

Since it looked like this outside . . .

. . . we did some of this inside.

Yes, Lydia is wearing a Harley Davidson onesie - compliments of her Pop-Pop.

And yes, the first car in the first picture is ours. We may not be driving anywhere all winter as our road is piled high with snow from the shoveled sidewalks. A plow won't fit down our street, so there we shall sit. (Guess we should have moved it to a plowable street? Snow-in-the-city rookie mistake.)

Lydia's first snowfall

Lydia ventured outside to help Daddy shovel.

She's obviously very excited about the snow . . .

SNOW !!!!!

The weather people were correct! Although at 6 this morning I was doubtful when it was still dry outside, but this is what I saw through the window by 7:30.

Woo-hoo! Of course, I do sympathize with those who had planned to host a party or Christmas shop today. Yet I am a-okay with being trapped indoors with my two favorites today!

They're predicting 18 inches . . . for real? More snow pictures to come when Lydia ventures out to welcome her first snowfall!


According to the weather people, we could see 6+ inches of snow starting tomorrow into Sunday. Thus, I did what everyone else does before a snow storm: venture out for milk and bread. It was about 21 degrees earlier when I headed out, so, of course, I had to properly bundle. (Oh, please excuse my unmade bed. I changed the sheets yesterday, though, so I'm exposing clean sheets at least.)

No, I am not nine months pregnant again. Lydia is chilling (actually very warm) in my sling underneath my fleece. Yes, I think I look completely ridiculous, and I'm sure those passing me on the street wondered what was wrong with my chest/abdomen region . . . until they heard it wimper or cackle. The baker at the bakery was caught of guard when Lydia let out a wail. "Is there a baby in there? Beautiful. I knew it couldn't be you making that noise."

Hence (hah - what a great word!), we are now ready to be snowed in for the weekend. I've got ingredients to make tomato basil soup…

daddy's girl

Here is one of the photos Leah captured during her visit.

one month

Today is one month from Lydia's birthday! It is crazy to think that prior to then she was still inside me and amazing to see how much she has changed since coming out.

This awesome outfit is compliments of Jessica's impressive sewing skills. (I think the fleece pants were purchased; I'm referring to the appliqued top.) She also made one with a Christmas tree on it. So festive. Thank you, Jessica!

Today is also Nana's birthday, and a few weeks ago was Pop-Pop's. For their birthdays, they both came down for a play date with Lydia. Fortunately, she woke up to play while they were still here.

This is Lydia pretending to be amused by Pop-Pop. (His words, not mine.)

Thanks for coming to play, Nana and Pop-Pop! Lydia is worn out from her play date as she has been sleeping since you left. (Well, with a few interruptions to feed.)

little Lydia

Today we went to Target for some much needed groceries. Then we stopped by a friend's house on the way home for lunch where her 3-1/2 year old son repeatedly acknowledged my daughter as "little Lydia." So sweet. Here is a recent favorite photo of my little Lydia.

By the way, I looked at the calendar today. I currently have no concept of days.  So Christmas is next Friday?!

Rebekah and Leah visit!

Two of my favorite people came to visit! Sadly, they just left. (Hopefully that explains my blogging absence this week . . . )

Here we are making caramel popcorn and hot chocolate for dessert. (Check out the recipe posts to the right for the recipes.)

Unfortunately, this is the only photo of the three of us together as Leah usually looked like this with her new camera:

Yes, I let Leah stand on my furniture. Lydia doesn't know she won't be allowed to do that yet.

Here is Lydia talking with Rebekah one evening.

I'm looking forward to seeing Leah's 200+ photos of Lydia. Thanks for coming, sweet friends! Hope to see you again soon . . . I miss you already!

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

On Saturday, we got our Christmas tree. Here is Lydia enjoying picking out her first Christmas tree in the sprinkling rain at Lowe's.

If you remember my Christmas stocking dilemma, I found a great spot to hang the Christmas stockings!

There is some garland spiraling the spiral stairs, too.

This morning, Lydia enjoyed a nap by the twinkling light of the Christmas tree.

Have you put up your Christmas tree and decorations yet?

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

We've been blessed by various people bringing us dinners the past few weeks. On Wednesday, a box of these came as dessert.

Delicious . . . yet even more delicious: Crushed Candy Cane Joe-Joe's on top of vanilla ice cream.

Enjoyed in front of the just-put-up Christmas tree while watching Elf. What a great Saturday evening.

my auntie loves me

Lydia modeling a gift from Aunt Rachel.

Thank you, Aunt Rachel! Sorry I am never awake for a video chat. From Lydia.

I Boast No More

I love Sandra McCracken's rewriting of hymns. I was attempting to sing this one to Lydia but realized I didn't know all the words. I looked them up and felt them resonate with my soul during this season of being at home with a two-week-old. I Boast No More was originally written by Isaac Watts. Sandra rewrote the music and recorded this on her The Builder and the Architect album. You can listen to her sing it here.

I Boast No More

No more, my God, I boast no more
Of all the duties I have done;
I quit the hopes I held before,
To trust the merits of Thy Son

No more my God,
No more my God,
No more my God,
I boast no more.

Now for the loss I bear His name,
What was my gain I count my loss;
My former pride I call my shame,
And nail my glory to His cross.

Yes, and I must and will esteem
All things but lost for Jesus' sake
O may my soul be found Him,
And of His righteousness partake!

The best obedience of my hands
Dares not appear before Thy throne;
But faith can answer Thy deman…

welcome to December!

Lydia is ready for the Christmas season!

And Happy Birthday to Pop-Pop!

sleeping Lydia

Lydia loves to worm her way into cozy positions while relaxing with her daddy. This was her position of choice this morning.

This is actually where she sleeps at night - in a cradle by our bed. (She's upside down in the cradle in this photo.) We just learned that Lydia is the fifth generation to use this cradle. Her daddy, nana, great-nanny, and great-great-bami all slept in this cradle, too. Pretty awesome!

aunts and uncles and grandparents

Lydia wanted to show off her Thanksgiving outfit because it's not pink, but it's still girl.

Also, Lydia met all of her aunts and uncles in the past week (in order of meeting):

And of course there are the proud grandparents.

happy thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but may I be reminded to be thankful on the days in between that may not be so great.

Awesome wall art, by the way. Check her out.

baby activity logger

I downloaded this iphone app the other day: baby activity logger. It is pretty great for something that keeps track of bodily fluids involving babies.

Today we spent the day with my mom, Nonna (the Italian word for grandmother), mostly traveling to doctor appointments and learning how to launder these gdiapers. Lydia is already 7 ounces over her birth weight; she gained 10 ounces since Friday. I do not want to embarrass her by discussing her weight on the world wide web, so that's enough said for now. She looked pretty great sporting a new outfit and blanket from two of Aaron's coworkers and these sweet shoes from Adrienne (aka A-drizzle).

She just finished eating, so I'm taking advantage of Big Guy (my dad) and Nonna hanging out downstairs with Lydia for me to take a nap! Zzzzz . . .

gdiaper debut

Today was the first day for Lydia in cloth diapers - gdiapers. No mishaps to report. Her little "gbum" likes them thus far. My mother-in-law, Lydia's Nana (sounds like the "onna" in "Donna" not the "nana" in "banana"), spent the day with us, so she helped us in the gdiaper debut.

And since a picture of a diapered bum is no where near as exciting as a baby face, here's Lydia snuggling with her daddy on Sunday morning.

Yes, the girl needs more "girly" clothes. (Not pink necessarily. Just flowers instead of animals or green stripes.) We're working on it! I can't walk to the consignment shop yet - too many blocks - and I cannot drive yet either. Hopefully next week!

living in the moment

I’m back to this theme of living in the moment. The freedom to just be in situations. Fig tree freedom.

With a newborn at home and recovering from a surgery I wasn’t necessarily expecting, I am ordered to rest and just be. My stair use is limited to one flight per day. Living in a city row home where the kitchen is on the first floor, and the bathroom is on the second floor, this demands that I rely on others to help me as I am often “stranded” on the second floor far away from the kitchen. (If you know me, you know much I love to eat. Now I’m breastfeeding. I really love to eat. =) I must rely on my husband to help me by handling tasks around the house – laundry, meals, etc. Since he has to go back to work for these few days before Thanksgiving, I will be relying on various family members (moms and siblings) to handle “DD” (Danielle Duty as my brother and sister called it) over the next three days. I am thankful for their help, but, sometimes, it is also hard to accept help. Aaron ge…

she is here!

The blog is a little behind real life, but Lydia is here. She arrived on Monday. Welcome, sweet baby. My husband is smitten. We are in love with our favorite person in the world.

Christmas decorations?

Before anyone panics at that photo thinking that I have decorated for Christmas, it was from Christmas last year.

I have strict beliefs =) that Christmas music and Christmas decor should not emerge until after Thanksgiving. Do not misunderstand me; I love Christmas season. I love decorating and putting up the tree. (Of course it's a real tree! Having a fake tree versus a real tree is an issue that I recommend engaged couples resolve before marriage, but that's another topic . . . =) Anyway, I also thoroughly love and enjoy Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving dinner. (I hope this baby comes before Thanksgiving just so I can have more room to eat all that delicious food!) Sometimes I feel bad for Thanksgiving as it seems to be overlooked in all the Christmas hype. Thus, the Christmas boxes do not come out to play until after Thanksgiving in this house. Not to mention, the real tree would die if I put it up so early in November.

However, I do have friends that claim their love for …