game night

Last night, we had a game night. On Saturday, I suggested a Sunday game night to the girls, thinking we'd play some board games. Lydia and Heidi heard "game night" and planned a "minute-to-win-it" competition. They took the reigns on the whole evening (without even consulting Pinterest!). It was amazingly executed and explained, and it was so much fun!

There were six stations. We had partners (Lydia/Jesse, Heidi/Anna, Aaron/me), and we rotated through the first three stations and then the next three stations. Here's their list.

Game time!

How many hats can you stack on your head?

How many blocks can you use to make a tower without falling?

How many laps can you make around the house?

How many marshmallows can you suck up?

Can you play all the black keys on the piano?


On Wednesday night, we moved furniture (yet again) to prepare for carpet installation.

Ta-da! (Time to move furniture again!)

(Carpet: Mohawk Horizon Collection SP 50 (F); Color 03 (F); 50% SmartStrand Silk BCF Triexta, 50% BCF P.E.T. SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean; Lifetime Stain & Soil Warranty, All Pet Protection.)

I spent Thursday in the (messy) bedroom preparing tax documents while these two watched a whole lot of Daniel Tiger on Amazon Prime.

The wood floors are still pending completion, but we are so close!

hair twins

guest blogger: Jesse

- - -

My hair is pretty long right now. Daddy styled it like his last week before church. I told him "I'm a boy, and boys don't brush their hair." He told me some boys do brush their hair. (Who knew?)

Hair twins!

fasnacht party

Yesterday was our annual fasnacht party! This year we cruised through three batches in ten hours.

I just looked back at last year's post where I noted all the pregnant bellies. This year, it was nearly a breastfeeding group.

Whitney grabbed this photo of me in my spot - frying the fasnachts in bacon grease.

The after school rush brought a puppy along, too.

As per usual, Big Guy turned into a reading station.

Whitney also staged these beauties for me.

Next year, Fasnacht Day is nearly a month later - Tuesday, March 5. Hope you can make it!

quick kitchen snapshot

The kitchen is nearly finished. The floors will be installed at the end of the week, so I'll take some good pictures when it's done. But for now, here's a quick look.

I still gotta get those stickers off the windows.

Getting ready for Sunday night pizza at the counter.

Cleaned up and ready for fasnacht day.

a monthly date

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

This month was my date, and I went with Daddy to Home Depot for the kids workshop. Well, first we went to Landis to pick up rolls for Big Guy's surprise party. That's where I saw these groundhog treats!

Then we went to Home Depot.

Thanks, Daddy, for another fun date!