Dorney Park

On Monday, Big Guy and Nonna took us to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom!

If you've never been to Dorney Park, the kids area is Planet Snoopy, and most of you know how much Jesse loves all things Peanuts. (Refer to our 2017 Halloween costume.)

The rides were so great!

This is a whip ride for kids - so so hilarious.

Kid roller coaster time.

Hugs for Snoopy!

Lunch time is the best time.

We left our phones in the cooler in the car during our time at the water park. Unfortunately, Anna and Jesse weren't tall enough for any of the water slides; Lydia and Heidi could only ride two. So we abandoned the water park somewhat quickly and returned to Planet Snoopy. But first, I took Lydia and Heidi on one of my favorite rides - the swings.

Back at Planet Snoopy, I went on the whip ride with Jesse (for a good dose of hysterical laughing).


On Friday, we played a game of kickball with friends and neighbors. We played boys vs girls, and while some of the preschoolers wandered from the playground to the game and back again (and melted down here and there), everyone had a blast. It was a beautiful evening to be outside!

Here's the difference between my iphone camera and a 35mm lens on my camera. I took each photo from the same exact spot. I love how the wide lens on my phone can capture a view (and all those clouds!).

We are likely playing again this Friday if you want to join us!

lunch date

On Friday, Great-Pop-Pop and Great-Mom-Mom came over. I ran some grocery errands while the kids colored and read books with them. Then we all went to The Energy Station for lunch.

Heidi was a huge fan of her "dipping basket" choice.

Jesse enjoyed dipping his bacon in whipped cream.

Of course, we had to enjoy some homemade ice cream, too!

Thanks, Great-Pop-Pop and Great-Mom-Mom for such a fun treat! (We will miss seeing you all at the family breakfast on June 30th. Sorry to miss it!)

summer swim team

This summer, we are doing something new: Lydia and Heidi are on the summer swim team!

I grew up at this pool. The pools have been renovated, and there are new fences and slides, but it feels the same. Even the swim coaches are the same!

(Judy has been coaching for 29 years, and Amanda was there as a high school coach when I was in middle school. She is now back with her own kids swimming. My brother, Derek, also coached here until 2014, so the girls have been introduced as "Coach Derek's nieces" since the first day of practice. (We're just Derek's lackeys in these parts.))

We've already logged many hours here over the last two weeks. Cheers to spending the summer poolside with neighbors and friends!

summer creek I

After school let out at 1045am on Tuesday, we commenced summer creek season. (Tuesdays will be our creek days this year if anyone wishes to join!)

Heidi helping to capture those big cheesy baby grins on camera.

school's out for the summer

Tuesday was the last day of school!

Welcome, summer!

violin recital

On Sunday, Lydia and Heidi had their first violin recital at this pretty church.

We had to get there early for Lydia and Heidi, so we had to keep Anna and Jesse contained on the porch since it was raining.

Finally, it was time for the performances to begin. Heidi played "May Song."

Lydia played "Allegro."

They played "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" as a trio (the two of them with their teacher).

This is their monthly group lesson class playing all of the Twinkle variations.