Our cousins are in town! We had a family breakfast and a sleepover and lots of swimming.

Stella came to hang out, too.

Selah requested a late night pickup from the sleepover, but she came back in the morning. (Like father like daughter.)

a walkabout

We needed to get the van door fixed, so we wandered Souderton while we waited. First, we visited the park where we took our wedding photos.

We played on the playground and swung on the swings.

We walked by the Souderton pool as we headed over to visit Great-Grammy.

This picture in her room is of their family farm.

Anna and Jesse are too cool for photos sometimes.

There was a meltdown at Wawa, but fortunately the van was done to rescue us from the heat. So we ate some lunch and headed to the pool to cool off.

Jesse jumped in not realizing Heidi was under the water, and there was a mild injury. The lifeguards offered the tiniest bandaid ever alongside a lollipop, and all was well again. Except Jesse couldn't really open his eyelid due to the bandaid, so he wandered around like this all afternoon.


summer creek VI & VII

The water was so low on week six at the creek.

On week seven, it had just rained and rained and rained. The water was high, and the kids just floated with the current over and over again.

There's Heidi floating along.

After the creek, I hit the curb and got a flat tire when dropping Lydia off at her volunteer session at the library. Aaron rescued me; he changed the tire in the blazing sun while the kids sat in the shade on the church step across the street (because they couldn't go into the library in only their bathing suits and without shoes (which were caked in mud from the creek in the back of the van)).

Summer adventures, right?

C Champs

The girls finished their swim season at the end of July. We love Coach Judy.

Heidi with one of her Deck Hands, Molly.

The girls swam their fastest times at Champs.

They had a great first season, and they're already talking about swim team next summer!


Emma and McKayla gave us bags of hand-me-downs for the girls and then Grant and Liam gave us a bag for Jesse. So when all the wet weather hit, we sorted and tried on and laundered and stored. The living room looked like this for about a week, but we are so thankful for these bags of clothes!

All the too-big stuff is neatly tucked away in bins. The dressers have been turned over, and the too-small stuff has been passed to Adalyn and Liam. (Yes, Jesse gets hand-me-downs from a Liam and gives them to another Liam. He's in a Liam sandwich.) We also finally got the old kitchen cabinets off the floor in the basement.

This project of getting everything off the floor was very timely as the basement flooded the first weekend in August.

I have a new appreciation for our shop vac. (That thing is truly genius in its design.) Hopefully, the Roof Music Theater will be back in action soon!

a baby shower

Elisabeth is having a baby boy! She traveled in from California to celebrate with her east coast fans.

We are so excited to meet this baby!


Anna is going to kindergarten in the fall, and what does every kindergartener need? A backpack! (I know; we were just at the L.L.Bean store, but getting mail is so much fun.)

She is ready for August 28th!