Seneca Lake

After our hike in Watkins Glen, we wandered a few more blocks north to Seneca Lake.

Four years ago, Aaron and I (with Jesse along) popped into Watkins Glen on our way up to Rochester.


2018 (why does he look like a teenager?):

Lydia asked me to take this photo.

When I asked her why she was laughing, she took this photo to show me.

It was pretty windy, but we wandered out onto the rocks.

Watkins Glen State Park

There was no school on Friday due to an inservice, so we set out for the mountains on Thursday after school. On Friday, we headed further north and west to spend the day at the base of Seneca Lake at Watkins Glen State Park.

Heidi was busy echoing her voice for this photo, and Lydia was unimpressed by it.

Nearly everyone we passed along the trail: Do you want us to take your picture? So we got a few family photos.

Lydia's face upon learning that Rainbow Falls would not include rainbows.

My view:

Jesse's view: