tumbledown stables

In our home, there are no nativities. Everything is a "tumbledown stable" (page 190 of the Jesus Storybook Bible). When we drive around at Christmas time, someone is always pointing out the "tumbledown stables." (The current favorite is the JOY letters with Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in the O.)

Likewise at home, the Fisher Price Little People Nativity is always hosting baby Jesus viewing parties in the tumbledown stable as exhibited in our favorite Christmas book, Song of the Stars.

Years ago, Lydia and Heidi were doing this every day. Today, it's Anna or Jesse.

first sledding of the season

On Saturday afternoon, we pulled out the sleds for their fourth winter! (Our purple ones are the old style; the blue one is the new (and currently available) style.)

Guess who was done first?

The girls stayed out for awhile sledding and making snow angels.

On Saturday night, Lydia and Heidi and I went sledding in the dark. On Thursday, there was a two-hour delay, and the girls were outside all morning before school. We so love to play in the snow around here!

Amos's first snow

It snowed on Saturday. When we got home from our cousins breakfast, we let Amos outside to meet snow for the first time.

He loved it. He kept going back outside all day long.

cousins breakfast

On Saturday, Grammy and Pop-Pop invited their nine grandkids (and their spouses and families) to breakfast. All but one person made it!

We're missing three (four if you count the pregnant belly) in this photo, and there is another occupied uterus here also. Between marriages and babies, we have been rapidly growing in recent years!

Thanks for breakfast, Grammy and Pop-Pop. Have fun wintering in Florida!


December twelfth is a fun date - all those twelves next to each other. (The word "twelfth" is a funny word to see written - all those loud consonants crowding the little "e" vowel.) My maternal great-grandmother's birthday was December 12th. I had a baby due December 12th, 2012, but we never met our Elliott. (Did I ever tell you my nephew, Malec, got his middle name, Eli, from my Elliott? (Swoon.) Malec's birthday is Thursday, so I'm sorry it took me a whole year to tell you that.)

My neighbor delivered her stillborn baby girl last year, but this year, her baby boy could claim December 12th as his birthday. It'd be pretty amazing to share an Ebenezer date of grief in my life with a date of joyful redemption in her life. Beauty from ashes. He is making all things new.

Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus Born to set Thy people free; From our fears and sins release us, Let us find our rest in Thee. Israel's strength and consolation, Hope of all the eart…

102nd birthday

guest blogger: Heidi

- - -

Today, Great-Great-Grammy turns 102. Last night, we went to her birthday party.

Happy Birthday, Great-Great-Grammy! We love you!

a baby shower

On Sunday, the girls and I headed into the city to celebrate Nicole and her baby in the belly! (Anna didn't want to be in this picture.)

I've long speculated Nicole's nieces and our girls would be fast friends, and their time together confirmed it.

The food was delicious, but I also was enjoying this massive kitchen window.


When the girls weren't partying in the basement or watching gifts being opened, they were busy at the craft station.

Congratulations again, Nicole (& Tim)! We are so excited for you on your adventure in parenting.