Good Friday

It's been almost two months since I've updated this blog. I have goals to keep it going (and to catch up on the past two months), but until then, we'll start here.

Today is Good Friday, and I just realized Andrew Peterson's song "Last Words (Tenebrae)" sings all the Last Words of Christ when I saw this chart in my She Reads Truth Easter study book. I'm so impressed - both at how he did the song and how I didn't realize it until now.

more snow

It snowed again over the weekend, so we did use our sleds again this winter.

It was a wet snow, perfect for snowmen and snowballs.

Fasnacht Day: 2019

As it often goes, I fail to take adequate photos on Fasnacht Day.

Leanne took this one for me (with portrait mode on her iphone).

One photo from the morning crowd.

One photo from the post-kindergarten rush.

One photo to tell my brother his cute niece is at my house.

The annual reading station with Big Guy.

The end of the after-school crowd.

The aftermath in the basement.

We had one hundred people in and out over the course of the day, devouring over two hundred donuts. So much fun!

Save the date for Fashnacht Day 2020: Tuesday, February 25, 2020!

Fasnacht Day

Today is one of our favorite days of the year where we fry up fasnachts all day long to neighbors, friends, and family. I made four batches this year, so we will see how that goes.

dinner chefs

On Friday, Lydia made poppyseed chicken for dinner.

Heidi made lasagna for us to enjoy for dinner on Fasnacht Day. (There's no time to make dinner when frying donuts all day.)

Hooray for budding chefs.

silly socks

Silly Socks followed Wacky Wednesday, and Heidi discovered if you thread a sock over a headband, it works perfectly.

If you ever wondered, they get their school spirit honestly. Me: 2000.

Wacky Wednesday

It was Wacky Wednesday at school, and here are my backwards, inside-out, wild-haired, keychain belt, children ready for school. (Jesse doesn't go to school, but he's an eager participant.)