Let Freedom Ring! with ice boulders

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we went on ourannualhike (why). This year, we bundled up in our snow pants to hike our summer creek spot. We also broke out the Christmas gifts from our Utah family - water bottle backpacks.

We found huge ice boulders at our usual landing spot: nature's coldest and slipperiest playground.

Before our fingers and toes froze, we read a portion of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech and pulled out the sign these two crafted together.

dates with Daddy

guest bloggers: Lydia & Heidi & Anna

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We go on dates with Daddy every month. Well, one of us goes each month on a rotation. Plus, we get a birthday date when it's our birthday.

First, it was Heidi's month (November): hot chocolate with whipped cream at the Energy Station.

Then, it was Lydia's birthday date (also November): another hot chocolate with whipped cream at the Energy Station.

In December, it was Lydia's month, and they went to the library to pick up some reserved books and then over to Ott's to check out the flowers.

In January, it was Anna's month, and she also wanted to see the flowers Lydia saw. (She opted to travel up and down the steps away from Daddy, and then he had to find her.)

Sometimes we plan dates with Daddy together, and other times he surprises us. Either way, we love our dates with our Daddy!

from a wall to posts

Back in November, we took down the kitchen wall, the one down there behind the piano. This was about how the room looked from 2014 to 2017.

Last spring, we switched the dining room table to the piano room and moved couches into the "dining room." We immediately loved it (besides the whole don't-hit-your-head-on-the-chandelier thing).

Anyway, back to this kitchen wall that we demolished.

It's gone (!!!).

From the kitchen's side.

That space between the two posts will be a kitchen island in a few weeks (and that orange/red carpet will be in a dumpster).

garage door

Last week, we started some (much anticipated) renovations. Nevermind that it was the coldest day of the year (in decades) to rip a giant hole in the side of our house.

Here's two before shots from the spring, when the bushes still lived out front.

From the inside.

Next, the wall came down.

Heidi was terribly confused that walls were being built to knock a wall down.

The view from the opposite corner.

Next up: insulation and drywall.