grocery shopping partner

With the girls in school, Jesse is my grocery shopping partner. While I was bagging my groceries at ALDI, I realized Jesse wasn't asking me all his usual questions, "Why can't I sit on this counter? Am I too heavy? Will I break it?" Instead he was patiently waiting on the bench eating his banana.

(There are too many lines happening in this photo for it to appear straight. It's level with the light at the top, but that's the best I could do.)

In one month, I will be registering him for kindergarten. In the fall I will no longer have a grocery shopping partner for the first time in over ten years, so I'm enjoying this boy on the bench while I still have him running errands with me.

ice cream

Big Guy and Nonna treated us to ice cream one night over the weekend.

Lydia picked "Cookie Monster" which is just cookies n cream died blue. (yikes)

Jesse was excited they had "Grasshopper." (Grasshopper is what Seneca Farms calls it; it's "mint cookies and cream" at the Energy Station.)

Thanks for the tasty treat, Big Guy and Nonna!

Christmas cards

I had more eager helpers for the Christmas cards this year. I addressed and stamped the return addresses; they handled the (very expensive) stickers (stamps).

Christmas lights

On Friday night, we set out to admire some Christmas lights. The kids skipped coats and donned blankets for the car instead.

Lydia said we'd be too early for Christmas lights, and she was mostly right. Aside from the fancy setups, most houses were still dark. The Snoopy house is up and running.

The house along Derstine Road is ready.

Of course, the Drelick's Christmas Lights are lit.

Here's the light display for the Eagles fans.

The Nutcracker

Anna's kindergarten class saw The Nutcracker put on by the local dance studio. Jesse and I met her for the performance. We arrived a bit early, so Jesse had the playground at Mr. B's all to himself for a whole five minutes.

We had balcony seats, but Jesse saw Kendall and her boys down below and really wanted those seats. (Sorry, Jesse.)

Turns out our Philly friends, Leah and Stella, were also at the Nutcracker, so afterwards Stella shared some hot chocolate with Jesse while we chatted. Jesse didn't want to take a picture, so this is the best we got.

(They've evened out in size since their initial meeting.)


Great-Great-Grammy died on Friday, November 16th. She would have turned 103 on December 11th. She is home with her Jesus. What a gift that we all knew and loved this woman and that she loved us.

We shifted our Thanksgiving at the lake plans from Wednesday to Friday to Tuesday to Thursday to be home for her funeral on Friday.

I didn't take pictures at the funeral, but I took this photo during the procession from the service to the burial. With four children, twelve grandchildren. thirty-three great-grandchildren, and twenty-seven great-great-grandchildren, it was a long procession (nevermind other friends also in attendance).

Great-Great-Grammy is buried next to Great-Great-Pop-Pop (who died in 2004).

The luncheon afterwards was held in the same space of her 100th birthday party three years ago.

Aaron spoke at her funeral. Here's what he wrote:

- - -

A year and a half ago, my wife and I took our kids to visit Grammy (my great grandmother) in the hospital. At 101, she had been tak…

Saturday at the bank

On Saturday, we needed some notarized signatures, so we went to the bank with Austin and Rachel. (Our bank has donuts on Saturdays, so that's a win.)

Stella's other grandmother works at the bank. She wasn't there, but all her coworkers know Stella. It was like we showed up with a celebrity.