Tikki Tikki Tembo

The second and third graders performed the Tikki Tikki Tembo musical on Friday. We landed some front row seats.

Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sarembo Eekana Noo Na Conaron Tembo. (Apparently they made up the last half of his name compared to what the internet tells me his name is: Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sarembo Chari Bari Ruchippa Peri Pembo.)

They did a great job; it was so fun to watch!

sou chef

This is my sou chef.

He's a little camera shy.

Or just a giant goof ball.

tail waggin' tales

Aaron took Lydia and Heidi to the library to read to the pet therapy animals.

They loved it. Our Amos doesn't really sit still to be read to like those puppies.
"Who, me?"

winter playground

The bright sunshine is fooling us. We keep hoping it's warm enough to hang out a playground for hours, but after thirty minutes, fingers are frozen and teeth are chattering. Plus the clouds move in, and the warm sunshine is gone. Nonetheless, we frequently still have these playgrounds to ourselves on cold days!

We are ready for you, spring!

background noise

These two are fun to watch. They oscillate between bickering and playing throughout the day, but their giggles and robust conversations are my favorite background noise. Here they are grocery shopping - as the mom and dad - with their kids.

(I can't believe Anna will be going to kindergarten next year. I wonder what their daily midday reunion will be like every day.)


guest blogger: Lydia

- - -

Yesterday, we played with making GIFs. Maybe you remember this post from last Easter?

Or this one of Heidi and the alpaca from 2015?

lunch (and no nap) with Ellie

We babysat Ellie last week while her mom and dad went on a date.

She loved her lunch, but she did not take a nap. She also did not love Amos. Fortunately, she loves the rest of us.

And we love her!