Today we celebrate eleven years of marriage! I think our eleventh year was our best year so far getting pictures of just the two of us! There are eight, and one is even a professional shot - compared to four of the other ones taken by one of our kids. =)

Austin's birthday party (July 2016).

Wildwood, New Jersey (August 2016).

Harford Fair (August 2016).
Austin's & Rachel's wedding (September 2016).

(image: Sarah Brookhart Photography
Jay's & Janelle's wedding (October 2016).

Halloween (October 2016).

Branchwood Park (October 2016).

Dinner at Great-Grammy's (October 2016).

Young Life Lake Champion (November 2016).

Thanksgiving (November 2016).

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 2016).

Young Life Lake Champion (February 2017).

Twinning with Tim & Nicole (April 2017).

Easter (April 2017).

80th birthdays

All of my grandparents turned eighty this year. We celebrated my grandma back in January, and two weeks ago, we celebrated my Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom with all their offspring at my parent's home (and pool). We took a family photo right away, but it's still missing people (eleven people to be exact - one aunt, five cousins, three cousin spouses, one toddler, one baby). (With 35 people in the photo, we are at 76% attendance, so we are still passing.)

Four sons.

Fourteen grandkids (missing five).

Thirteen great-grandbabies (and counting - eleven pictured: missing two and two more on the way).

Enough with these photos, let's swim (and eat)!

At eighty, Mom-Mom is still partying in the pool with the littles.

With so many kids in the pool, I failed to take photos while trading out for lifeguard duty and filling my plate. I didn't even get the signature shot of the birthday cake and candles. (Others did! I failed.) I do have some photos of the end of the party - when nearly everyo…

a Moana birthday

Keiper, Kaia, and Selah had their annual birthday gathering at Big Guy's and Nonna's with a Moana themed celebration.

We tried to get a photo of the nine cousins.

There was another great-grandbaby present for this photo.

Ryan and Lauren with their birthday kids and Malec. (Malec has a December birthday.)

Happy Birthday, Keiper, Kaia, and Selah!